Music Reactive Desk Light || DIY

Building a good looking light that visualizes all sounds and music, using simple components and some basic arduino programming.

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I always wanted to build a music visualizer, but it always seemed awfully complicated. After finding a sound detector module on the interwebs I thought that it might be doable after all. Using some basic electronics, and a jar from ikea, this turned out pretty cool, and I am quite happy with it. Being a computer scientist student I loved playing with the code, and tweaking different parameters to produce different results. I have uploaded it so you can see what I did, and to use it or modify it if you want. It’s not finished (probably never will be), and not perfect. Contributions appreciated!

The code used:

FastLED library:

LED strip:
Arduino Nano:
Sound Detector:

Music from the outro:
Alan Walker – Fade (On NCS)


Lígia Cipriano says:

this is awesome! It will make a very cool gift (:

Sede Dee says:

Nice idea, i want to rebuild one myself, so what´s the lenght of the Led-Strip you used?

kamen tv hd says:

Hello can you email me the code bcs i dont knowe

Just Kaciura Life says:

@Natural Nerd could I somehow attach LED’s remote????

Kira Foxwell says:

Could you do the programming how to? Or link to a video that can explain it well enough? I’m a programming newbie.

3R1K Gressett says:

Awesome Video! You just earned a new subscriber! Keep up the good work!

Ioakeim Sogiakas says:

i will make it

monsterbajo says:

So cool!

Jericho Pedronio says:

Mygod. Thats AWESOME! :O

Kristian Mada says:

What power did you use? 5v or 12v, if 5v have enough power to turn on all the leds
I Already did my order of arduino, sensor and the leds

Miguel Angel Peña Lopez says:

why you don´t paste the leds with 3m double side tape? lol … nice video

NickNack says:

Do you think this would also work with something like this (ebay)

Христо Кръстев says:

Could someone tell me the name of the song which was played before Alan Walker Fade?

Cat Martin says:

ur hot

Andreas Tambunan says:

How’s the wiring if im using rgb led strip smd 5050, its different from what you use

Ngọc Phúc Minh Lê says:

hi, i have an error with the code.
“error compiling for board arduino Nano

Marcus Kidwell says:

What kind of wires are used here? (I’m new to this stuff)

sebifisio says:

Hey! This is an awesome project. I have made my very own version by coupling this idea with a bluetooth amplifier and built a wooden box to stream music and display the light show at the same time. Very neat.
However, I’m having a little problem with the LEDs, which get activated (up to 10 of them/ out of 60) when there’s no background sound at all. I don’t think this is due to the microphone itself, because I have changed it for other models and am having the same problems. Maybe the setup is picking up some electric noise. In any case, do you know whether/how the code could be tweaked a little to get rid of that problem? Or, is there a way of setting some voltage reference to the arduino and code for it? I am not sure if what I’m saying makes any sense at all. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

r reza putra p says:

im curious about the arduino/the coded stuff. after you inject the code into it, will it works even if it is disconnected to the laptop?

Kirk Parmer says:

yes a remote would be awesome to turn it on and off at will

rekt133742 says:

jesus christ he got old ._. xD

Ghufron Fikrianto says:

The Adressable LED strip is really expensive 🙁

Dakota Hatch says:

What is the name of the song that you programmed the lamp for?

Rahul Rasalan says:

name the price, get it done for me! 😀 :v 😉

Alexandre Gauvin says:

Hi ! nice video and work !!

Roy says:

I don’t get why you use a 12v to power up a 5v leds strip…

Vanilla Frosting says:

Is there anything like this on amazon?

Herman Smink says:

id buy one from you

유우철 says:

hey I want to make yours but i don’t know circuit of this plz send a circuit diagram to mail
this ois my mail
I’ll wait you mail

MicroMicro says:

Infinite mirror build with this! 🙂

bestamerica says:

wow that is s cooool

Ayoub El says:

the part of the power source , the link please

StarBreaker22 says:

What is the name of that First song played at the end of the video


Will this do as an input for power? obviously input needs to be 5 volts, but can I connect this to the vin and gnd?

Subhadip Ghorui says:

i need the code…plz upload it

Ahmed Mohammed says:

want to know the opera track that run start form 4:42
if any one know comment with the name or a link

xXx_MastahBlastah_xXx says:

Hey man, how many LEDs did you use, I want to make a matrix using the same however using 100 LEDs need a current of at least 4A while the LM2596 has a maximum of 3A, Any idea how can I solve this or any other component I could buy to get the >4A??

TheItzGambit says:

I copy and pasted the github code into the arduino software. On first upload, none of the leds worked. I checked wiring and reuploaded the code and now only the first led in the string lights up red. When I mess around with the sound detector, the intensity of the first light seems to change, but stays red. I’m having trouble wondering if this is a coding problem or a problem with the detector itself

The Bearli says:

what’s the name of the song by 2:25

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