Modern DIY LED Rings Pendant Light

Modern LED Segmented Rings Light
This Project was inspired by a light I saw on pinterest called rings of Saturn. Here is a link to the video on youtube
I wanted to put my own twist on it by using segmentation. I have always been interested in wood segmentation and the projects that you can make with it. This project is inexpensive and requires very little tools. All your friends will be so impressed when you start making things using this new skill you are gonna learn here. One thing I want you to take away from this video is that you don’t need to spend hours building a fancy jig for your table saw to do perfect segmentation projects and I am going to show you how right now. so lets get started.
Flexible LED Strips 5 Meter 300SMDs
WhitePex Pipe
Titebond-3 Ultimate Wood Glue, 16-Ounce
Grey Twisted 18/2 Rayon Covered
Wood Stain, 32 oz, Carbon Gray
Brass Plated Wood Screw Assortment, 500 Piece
8 Pcs Lights Suspension Installation Hardware
Power Transformer
Aluminum Flashing
constuction adhisabe
1×4 pine board 8 ft long

Digital Angle Finder
Chop saw

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Modustrial Maker says:

Chris – FYI, I finally got around to sharing this on the Modustrial Maker blog (link is on my channel home).

Modustrial Maker says:

Very cool take on my Rings of Saturn light! I like the clever use of the pex pipe as an inexpensive diffuser. The flexible channel I used was way more expensive than it should have been….

Also, if you want to throw a link to my Rings of Saturn YouTube video in the description, it is probably a better source of info than a pinterest pic (link is on my channel page) 🙂

I also occasionally do posts on my Modustrial Maker blog showing projects that are related to / inspired by / and sometimes improve upon my builds. Would you mind if I link to your YouTube video from my blog?

Rubondo Moralez says:

just watched a persons different version of this and yours is way better lol and more practical , huge kudos mate and keep up the good work

I DIY Modern says:

very nice

sykoteddy says:

I saw the one you probably based this on just before, I belive it was at least. I like your a bit more but maybe I’m biased since this work seemed a lot easier than the other one. I’m gonna try to find time for my version of this when I can in between all other projects I wanna do. Sadly I’m more of a dreamer but I have my moments. Anyways, I would probably have clean up the wireing a bit and specially that small bit of red cable visable in the end. I guess you may be did that later and even maybe said that, bad memory and concentration. A thought I have on maybe making it easier with wireing and suspension of it. One could apply like white PVC in the middle with very bright LEDs that kinda blinds you if you look at it, in that way you possibly could make the wireing and other things almost invisible. Or maybe use a metal showerhose to cover it, it could look more like a part of the lamp structure itself than cabling and suspension.Another thought would be to have those rings connected at 2 points, and maybe have them made eliptic would be cool, but if would be easier or harder I guess depends on what material you are gonna use. Maybe try to use the rim of a bicyle without the spokes, at first thought it could remove the ridgidness of the rim but on the other hand that maybe be just that I want to make it skew into a elipse shape? A lot of ranting here, my ][ cents

Felix Riestra says:

I wonder why do not put the LED pointing downward instead horizontal mounting. Nice project

MyATCtv DIY says:

Nice one Chris… love it!!!

Rye Sarmiento says:

Another awesome project Chris !!!

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