Making a Brilliant LED Photo/Work Light Panel for Under 20$! || DIY lighting

How I made my cheap photography light and work light LED panel!
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I needed better lighting for my filming and project work. 15 meters of LED and an adjustable tripod makes for a great starting point. The end result of the work light was truly worth the money. Since it’s a DIY, I wanted to show you how to do it, and how a LED lamp can be built inexpensively and efficiently. This photography light is dimmable, and made using arduino, mosfets, a voltage step down, and potentiometer! If you’re not too comfortable with electronics, and just want a cheap lamp for photography, you can just skip the dimming part.

The most important part is the smooth, white lighting that the LEDs will provide. For a better result I would definitly recommend going for some more expensive LEd-strips which provide a higher CRI and hence a better and more natural light will emit from the LED panel. If the lighting is too bright for your photography and you don’t have a dimmer, you can use aluminium foil around some cardboard to create a reflector! Be creative!

Thanks for watching!

Supply list:
A lamp stand – 7$
Cold white LED strips (about 15m) – 10 $USD
Arduino Nano – 1$
Voltage step down – 1$
Mosfet and potentiometer 1$
Black spraypaint for vanity 😉


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Feronom says:

how many lumens?

+Tec says:

You should use high cri LEDs and a high Frequency PWM dimmer, so you don’t have problems with flickering. PS: Where did you find an an Arduino for 1$?

Yuva Raj says:

Arduino code ?

Badhon Ebrahim says:

lol 2016 vs 2017

Benjamin Boxler says:

Worth noting that you don’t need the step down board- you can run the arduino from a 12v supply to the vin pin of the arduino

Ice says:

hello hansi
nice to meet u hansi

Natural Nerd says:

How this vid has 42k views, beats me…!

Nathaniel White says:

Too much to do to get the results, but well done,

VolkovithaDesu says:

How is the dimmer circuit done?

Linda Muvic says:

Maybe a little less glue gun, but good video

Khalil Yamoun says:


Matheus Ramos says:

puta merda quanta mao

Godonskis2 says:

Awesom build!

Bonny Stark says:

2% of us will actually try to do it 98% will buy a light at the store. I’m from that 98% cuz it fucking hard to do this ! not mike guyver !

L. J. Bush says:

Thats’ cool, but you can’t build that for $20. Do you have links to where you bought the components?

Danton says:

Maybe I overlook something fundamental here but do you even need an arduino? Couldn’t you put the LED-strip on 12v put a potentiometer and a switch (to turn it on and off) in series and it could do the same things? Obviously you could do much more with the Arduino as a controller but do you really need it?

WannaDuino! The Real Live says:

Hee Hansie,
WannaDuino here, i made also a LED light panel, close to same as you, hope you like it. Here is the link, got is also on INSTRUCTABLE..

Soopa Sinema says:

Thank you for the post. These are made very well, looks like great quality. I’ve also made a few LED light panels that I use for filming. Remote control, dimmer, battery option….Please view and leave feedback. View on my channel or my website

Edgar Sanchez says:

Solid work, dude.

hilmi dwiputranto says:

so you’re using the arduino for producing PWM signals?


Thanks for this video!! i took ideas from it and build a cordless version 🙂

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