Make your own Shard Light

In this video I will show you how to build a really awesome shard light.

To create this shard light you’ll need the following materials.

An LED light strip:

A piece of 12mm thick MDF
A 12×12 cm square of 1mm thick hardwood
A sheet of veneer
Two pieces of plexiglass
A 12v DC adapter,
two short pieces of wire,
and a decent length of thin two core wire (a cable from an old set of headphones is perfect for this).

You’ll also need the following tools…
A fine toothed saw,
a fine knife,
a metal ruler, a pencil, and a right-angle ruler
a clamp,
some wood glue and a brush to apply it with, and also some silicon based glue though a glue gun will also be suitable.
You’ll also need a soldering iron and solder,
Wire strippers and some scissors,
A drill with a small bit,
And lastly some finishing oil.

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James Ambrose says:

It looks awful.

carollol says:

Didnt you have to put something at the end of the second light cord to close the electrical line?

Robert says:

seems that if you get some scrathes on the plexiglass you get a really nice effect

James Collins says:

Solid piece of hardwood????

Daywalker777r says:

would look even cooler to send ur shards to go get etch with a design of something on them instead of all those scratches u got there. or etch it yourself tho i have no tools nor the knowledge how.

Stelianoo Neculii says:

Give 10 min of my life BACK!!!

Phuc YuTube says:

LUV it. looks like somethin out of Star Trek

Duy Hà says:

Awesome video & great voice!

Kao Neu says:

Heat shrink tubing is probably better than electric tape. nice idea!

Caroline Rozali says:

Now to find the items…

Zach says:

could you scratch in designs with it?

Anh Mai says:

=v= i will be cool if you sell these

Brandon Cavazos says:

Make your own Shart Light

Rocco 氣 says:

How thick does the plexiglass have to be?

DeJMan says:

I’ll just fall on it if i make this.

BIGSHASTA 530 says:

i think i sharded

Cams250 says:

really don’t want to watch ten minutes of this diy, I’ll come back later. is this electricity efficient??

Chris Priest says:

Very nice job. Mine would look fucking shite, glue everywhere

Creeperzone221 says:

instead of vinere, can you just sand, glue, and stain the wood?

samdui says:

Ikea pencil ? expensive equipment

5n0w says:

ahhhh good old sticks like shit. or as it known among my colleagues “poo glue”

Cyberdactyl says:

Jesus, your iron looks like a homeless dude has been using it for his crack pipe for a few months. 6:57

uranglintau says:

Hey companies from all over the world, please continue sponsoring this dude..!! we need him to keep making these projects..

FreeCandy says:

If you put a purple/blue light it would look like blast shards

Flesh Scythe says:

Looks hard to make and very easy to break.

Travis Rabble says:

You can take someones eye out with that you stupid knobhead.

Shard says:


Zec Sabbath says:

own??? cadê????

Uğur KILIÇ says:

Awesome work.

WASD Triston says:

No one knows what diy means anymore

Jeemly Blackthorne says:

Me encantó un excelente trabajo. I love it!!!

Armin Gamer says:


Circuit studio says:

if anyone sub me i ll sub u back

basikrecordings says:

can u do it with normal glass?

Darth vader says:


Dimas Kai says:

now you can stab people with glasses!

sorry, im sure this is an old joke in this channel by now huh

Tanuj Kumar says:

awesome diy project

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