Make Your Own Light Up Lava Lamp Science Experiment DIY

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月と鼈 says:


Michelle Urzua says:

That was awesome and I will try that at home if mom let’s me

OrElseYouWillDie100 says:

Will it last forever?

Tadas Ambrozaitis says:


David Cruickshank says:


andre janus says:


Kitty Lily says:

I like it

Jazmin Baldazo says:

does it last forever

strongwomenunited says:

My favorite thing about your videos is that you choose really good music.

Ishneet Chadha says:

Which tablets?

creativework says:

wow its so beautiful and great you can see also similar work on my new channel on youtube…

Nourhan Dowidar says:

which time does it last ??!

Vicki Pickstock says:

how long do the lava lights last

HAY_haylee Gaming says:

that was amazing

Whatever Guy! says:

U talk?

月と鼈 says:

With an effort

Paolo Vergnano says:


PsykoPatato - Gaming says:

What’s the pill you put in ? Since i’m not english, it’s quite hard to understand chimical or medical stuff :/

Lexieisnot funny says:

instead of using a glow stick and food colouring cut the glow stick and use the inside of that

Addi Shae says:

What if you don’t have any ” tablet thingies”?

Sakonema says:

I bet that voice gets you girlfriends because they don’t have to worry about anything.
Boyfriends you gotto look out for.

GY girls Trone says:

im willing to use that for my investigatory can we use salt instead for the tablet

Zackerous says:


Musslm mohammed says:


Cassie Althen says:

A tip for the glow stick… Sense the glow sick is al little big, you could use a bunch of the tiny glow sticks that are used for the glow rings.

Reva Handa says:

Amm nice experiments but what kind of tablets were those?
Will that be okay if i do this with Mentos chewing gums if i don’t get those tablets?

Frances Koslowski says:

we love your show because its grate me and my brother watch this all the time keep doing what you do with science it is so awesome

u mad ? says:

Are mantalt are work?

caerfalias says:

This is great and I want to do it with my students. I have watched a lot of videos and notice that some have much brighter and more distinct bubbles than others. Is this a result of adding more dye? More water to oil ratio? Less? Any suggestions for making a really clear color contrast? Thank you.

alexis martin says:

What if the lova lamp catched on fire because the flash light

IncredibleScience says:

Make your own light up lava lamp! Find cool bottles and try different colors!

나영김 says:

신기하다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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