Make an INCREDIBLE water-cooled LED light (DIY SUN BLASTER 2.0)

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Parts list below:

In this video we’ll be making an insanely bright water-cooled LED light that looks remarkably similar to sunlight!


Liquid Cooler:

LED Voltage Regulator:
Amazon US:
Amazon UK:
eBay US:
eBay UK:

Lens and Reflector:
eBay US:
eBay UK:

High-quality Yuji LED (best LED ever in my opinion):


Generic LED (not as good colour rendition, but similar brightness):

Mini voltage regulator:


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EliteSniperTV says:

are you clickspring?

Tony Baker says:

where can u buy the parts??????

EspHack says:

I got a challenge for you, get a noisy chinese LED projector like the FG857 or UC40 and water cool it

Štěpán Rydval says:

You are lier! This led is only 100w.

abdul basith says:

which soldering iron are you using ?

Martin Niňaj says:

Can I use same components for 50W yuji led..? Thanks..!

João Luis Martins says:

the water circulate those way?

Daniel Cardoso Balieiro says:

#shared @dbMayaHyperLink : @TechMayas : #WikiSmile … [;)]

Cumbria Drones says:

Great video, very informative.
Any updates or improvements to this setup since the video.
Also, would I need the cooling system if it was attached to my Matrice 600 UAV

Frank Drebin says:

But just too many zeros in title…

Obi Grant says:

+DIY Perks When I turn on the led for the first time, I am only getting 0.21 amps instead of around 1 amp. When I adjust the potentiometer on the voltage regulator the yuji led turns off and on at around 2.2 amps. I purchased enough materials to make 4 complete led units and have swapped out the regulator and the potentiometers, but still no luck. I’ve tried using a 12V 10A AC adapter and an old pc power supply, but still the led starts at 0.21 amps and blinks at around 2.2. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

LED says:

Calling a single LED chip this size equivalent to 1000w is an overstatement – cool light though.

You really like the Yuji LED – but how much research and experience do you have invested into Cree, Bridgelux, Citizen and Samsung LEDs?

A 1000w HPS lightbulb outputs around 110,000 lumens

This Yuji LED is rated to provide 5500 – 6800 lumens

I know you mention that the CRI of these is really good (96)

Laser Man says:

I want to make one using the 50W module instead, what would I need to change?

Martin Hhh says:

please past url to where shiping There your driver led i Very need

Clifford Wagner says:

I’m confused by the “1000w Equivalent” claim. 1000w Metal Halide HID bulbs are generally rated at 120,000 lumens out of the box. The 100W Yuji LED chip is rated for less than 7000 lumens. A rough comparison would be 7000/120000 or about 6% of a 1000w MH HID bulb’s output. Now we are talking lumens, so not a very accurate comparison, but at least it is comparing full spectrum (white) light. Even 10 of them is only about 60% of a 1000W bulb and uses a similar amount of power (approx 5A @ 240VAC assuming 100% efficient power supply).

danobot says:

“well worth the extra” the cheap ones cost 6 dollars (Australian), Yuki’s ones cost $216 Australian. they don’t cost a bit extra… they’re 36 times more expensive. how did you justify that purchase? am i looking at the wrong leds?

Brandon Cooper says:

I actually made this, but I used an h55 cooler and an RGB chip

Jose Mario Lagos says:

Hello, I love to see one with a bowens mount, really thinking about buying this bad boy for video.

ChrisKadaver says:

This was fantastic… BUT it would take me like 10 years to build this thing. I simply lack the knowledge on electronics like this.

danobot says:

i love how electronics projects are always so cheap and affordable. *opens led link* HOLY CRAP $160 DOLLARS!???!!!???

Daniel Cardoso Balieiro says:

. … #WikiSmile … [;)]

AragornCZ says:

How long is the gooseneck? 400mm?

Shapeshifter5 says:


Games Future says:

a love all your video

Dawnbandit says:

What color temperature did you use?


What type of gooseneck adapter did you use or what spadebit size did you use at 10:44…

papalevies says:

Any links to the gooseneck and gooseneck adapter you used? I can only find 5/8″ 200mm long gooseneck on ebay and no adapters to hold it except some $5 male screws. Also is 200mm enough? I already bought the rest of the parts, please help!

Well after measuring it looks like I will need at least 300mm long gooseneck

Highlander says:

Hello and good work from Russia.

Jeff Sharpe says:

hey if i were to mount 8 of these to the front of a car would i need to cool them?

NikiW says:

Is the voltage booster in this video better than the one used for the old 1000w light?

mary w says:

+DIY Perks, would you build me one, of course i pay for shipping and materials, and i will sponsor future videos of yours of your choosing? i tried to buy all the items and it is infinitely difficult, thank you

John Davis says:

also I am curious to know how many LEDs we could put on a single water loop.

Nick Hernandez says:

i used the led driver to power my 100w led and used the led heatsink to cool the led driver. i tested the light with a 1amp power supply but then the light started flashing after that i connected the driver to a car battery then it stopped flashing but thank you for putting the driver in the parts list

mary w says:

+DIY Perks, I just heard you ask Yuji for LEDs, i can get you those as well.
thank you

Bernhard Schlick says:

Hi, Could you post or comment a part list of the needed boards, because i cannot find it in the links( i guess because im from another country and cannot get the links work) – that would be very great! Thanks for the cool video!
Best regards

4agemr2 says:

So this Yuji LEDs are better in color rendition than the previous 1000Watts flood light that you built? asking because i followed your tutorial and built my very own 1000Watt flood light, and i can totally swap the LED if they are better as i am a photo/videographer.

Great videos btw, it would make me happy if one day your channel becomes very popular and seeing you be successful!

Dumpy Death says:

I wish more people did projects like this!!! I love DIY perks

PiousMinion says:

A 100w LED is equivalent to 666w, not 1,000w.

Daniel Cardoso Balieiro says:

#vid • 1000w equiv. #Watercooled #LED (#SUNBLASTER 2.0) : @DIYPerks : #HyperLink @TechMayas : #DIY #TechART : #shared @dbMayaHyperLink : #MayaLink @dbalieiroNET : #WikiLink #WikiSmile … [;)]

Videophonica says:

Do you sell it? Hope you do.

Mike's Bytes says:

those with access to a 3d printer, I made the 2 light mounts and have uploaded the files here

I used the pdf to get the measurements, and drew the design by hand its about as close as I can get it to the drawing

szatanizmo says:

Great lightning project 🙂

sasa kalak says:

Sir, job well done.

IRFZ44 says:

If you think Yuji LED is expensive, get an EpiStar LED. It’s cheap yet very good. Don’t go absolutely cheap, you’ll regret it

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