Light-Up Purse & DIY Perfume!! – Project MC2 Perfume Kit & Pixel Purse

There’s going to be a bonus video tomorrow!! Today I’m making my own perfume and it smells so good! I also make some pretty neat designs with my light-up pixel purse. Making perfume was a fun and easy project to do. It was a bit messy, but compared to making lipstick, this was hardly messy at all. Just be careful if you use a lot of food coloring to make the different colors because they can dye your clothes. Thanks for watching! | Please be sure to subscribe:

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Awesome Kitty says:

Where did you get the purse from? (Is there any avalible in England because I live in England?)


She looks like Aurora!

Jehanzeb khattak says:

You did so great 🙂 loved the purse! It was so fun to play with that one

Maryam Mumtaz says:

Wow it’s so amazing and awesome

Althea Pajuyo says:

That s cool alyssa i love it

AG K says:

I love your MC2 videos please make more!!!

Adil Hussain says:

Always alyssa is my favourite channel of family fun pack

Ceciel Cooke says:


Playground with Kids says:


Lito Anulacion says:

Goood job you did grate in todays video

Miguel Gutierrez says:

I paus the video and your message says always Alyssa

Rosmund Fan says:

I can’t get project mc2 because I live in Hong Kong China but I like to watch videos from all of your channels

Kristen Buenavista says:

Alyssa lookssoooooo pretty with

Miss mysterious says:

Wow. Its so cool

Yasmina El-Nahla says:

i love you

Nico Alcock autism special kid says:

Who love Always Alyssa?

Destiny potts says:

Nice purse

DIH-Do It Hannah says:

Will the company color stain your skin?

Maxine says:

Nice purse!!

Crystal D says:

I want that perfume kit

Ash Z says:

Alyssa I love your shirt it’s so cute!!!

Paula Alvarez says:

so funny y love your channel

Mariah Guevara-Velez says:

B. B b. B b b b. B. B b. B b. B b b B.B.

Cookie Siblings says:


Saima Bashir says:

Super. Cool

Ryan Berube says:

I love it

Parveen Kumari says:

#earlysquad and nice video

Jean Urmaza says:

It’s called scent

Zoobi Warsy says:

I really like it

Maya Ghenia says:

I like both of them because 1 I love perfume and second that purs looks coo

Fazliha Qadir says:

Sooooooooooo cooooooool Alyssa

Husna's Fun toys review says:

You are the best i love you

Ash Z says:

60th comment! I love family fun pack, always Alyssa, dude it’s David, twin time, and Michael’s Magical playhouse!!! <3

Scott Schwed says:

Alyssa you are awesome so talented and smart.

Sky Ingersoll says:

I lost my voice

Fatema's Fortune says:

Awesome purse and perfume Alyssa

Lyna Pham says:

You are amazing!

Always Adri says:

That purse was my favorite thing

Terra Reitmeyer says:

its going to say always alyssa

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