World’s craziest aquarium with light bulb and live fish! Now you can turn on the light and see your fish swim at the same time! Trivia question at the end of this video for you to win a shout-out! Comment your answers below!

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alcea nicole que says:

How did you put the plant in the light bulb?????!!

Juliana Valerio says:

2 light bulb aquarium

Izzy Castro says: shark. 2. Late Bob 3. Fish trap with bread

BMW Professional says:

How u going to feed em?

Vernice Tan says: shark song
2.light bulb

Ruby Mccarthy says: shark
2.1 light bulb

Diego El says:

.baby shark song
.light bulb aquarioum
Tiny pieces of bread

Emmanuel Lugard says:

Baby shark a light bulb aquarium a cast net

Mr.Iphone says:

Can someone tell me where that bridge is

Alesha Buckley says:

Fish trap a light bolb

erica patrick says:

Baby shark , light bulb and a fish trap with bread

Juliana Valerio says:

1 baby shark
2 light bulb aquarium
Fish trap

pavoua thor says:

1 the song was baby shark 2 you made a light bulb aquarium 3 you caught it with a fish trap

Toxic King Shark Hc3030 says:

Baby shark
Light bulb
A fish trap and bread

kuma- chan says:

*this actually isn’t the “world’s first lightbulb aquarium” if you search it up there are videos from a year ago doing the same thing*

Atty Fat says:

O hai welcom to mai skolhous its tiem for evribodi favorit sobject maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

Supreme KJ says:

Fish trap

kitty cat says:

Q1 baby sharkQ2 light bulb Q3bread

tazerblox arcklord says:

ah not the firt aquarium lamp ;-; my friend is the first a make this ;p

Jayden Murguia says:

1 baby shark 2 light bulb aquarium 3 a fish trap with bread inside

Het pip kanaal says:

Baby shark
Light bulb
Bread and a trap

Supreme KJ says:

Baby sarck

Juliana Valerio says:

1 baby shark

KingE says:

They were playing Baby Shark

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