I made a PENDANT Light with ( DIY Linkable LED )

In this video, I took 5000k linkable LED to make a pendant light. This idea could also be used as a vanity light for a bathroom.

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********** Materials Used **********
(2) 5000k LED 2ft 20w https://amzn.to/2BTYx7m
(-) All other light options https://amzn.to/2Sy17Hc
(3) 1 by 4 Select pine Wood
(1) Lamp cord https://amzn.to/2RnhxFd
(1) Power cord https://amzn.to/2SvwEJZ

PC Tool Screwdriver Kits – https://amzn.to/2BYIPbk
Screw Terminal Block https://amzn.to/2BVcEJL
Volt Meter https://amzn.to/2BUfL4z
Drill https://amzn.to/2CKFLku
Clamp https://amzn.to/2SvxBlx
Wood Glue bottle https://amzn.to/2

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vicente garrido says:

thank you for your illustrative videos, that a lot helps us for people who are
starting in the woodwork or that as I am a fanatic or we have this beautiful hobby,
regards from Veracruz, Mexico.

fdc313 says:

Another smack video! keep them coming and hope you and yours have a wonderful New Year.

rob biemer says:

As usual, a very nice job and well presented. Thank you! One of the first things I did in my home was to replace the 8 foot fluorescent light in the kitchen with two 4 foot LED fixtures. This was rather simpler than your fix as the existing light was just hung from the ceiling joists with a wood box surround. Conveniently, when the previous owner made this he put a switched outlet inside the box.
The 5000k light works very well, I think, in my kitchen. I might want something a bit warmer in a bedroom, but that’s just my preference.
Lastly, I think you made the right call on the extra pieces, the fixture you made would not have looked as good or finished without them.

Walla says:


Braulio Perez says:

Beautiful lamp. Excellent work.

Edgar Hernandez Murillo says:

Hola amigo deberías de poner sub títulos a tus videos ya que son muy interesantes

kangjohan78 says:

He reminds me of Tyler1. lol.
Good job on the lights. But are you going to do the two ceiling fans some time later or will it be on the list until the time comes?

mark altizer says:

Nothing like watching a man polish his pole

Thabo Tofile says:

Compliments of the New Year, look I got an old fluorescent round light so this will be my next project to replace the bulb. Have a great year ahead.

Girish Tripathi says:

happy new year dear….excellent videos from you just want to know about the power tool name from which you are clincher.(hammer machine name)

Alex Russ says:

I think it turned out pretty perfect.

William Mocahbee says:

Love your channel brother, I will prob make this one, and add some elegance to it. This is so sleek. Excellent job!

Charly Thompson says:

I love how tidy your workspace is! Do you always work that way, or is it just for the videos?

levent akbayır says:

I am subscribed to you…
would you subscribe me?

jerzcnate says:

Beautiful light many of us would like that in their spare room

Caleb Mavar says:

I like it. The middle and end pieces look good. I love you videos man!

moustapha. net says:

كما عودتنا دائما متألق وباحث

Craft Lead says:

Great work as always

Duy Phan says:

good idea

peter niper says:

Nice work

Matt Karnauskas says:

Fantastic project! Looks great!

Dan Lynch says:

Nice Glenn, Happy New Year!

D Scott says:

Another great project video, well done. Thank you!

Ramon Fernando Tresoldi Thiesen says:

Looks like a lightsaber

Debashish Sahu says:

Yay LEDs!

DIY Creators says:

Happy New Year my friends! What do you guys want to see this year?

Bakthavathsal Kadambi says:

Excellent, those add on pieces of wood has given the lamp a really designer look

Shifter says:



Happy New Year to you too!!! And congratulations for your videos, you are very talented, a hug from Brazil to you !!

LAITH says:

happy new year sir i like what you doing am just ask if you nake video about how cover walls by wood with nice look thx

hobitt84 says:

You can get all those fan parts in any big box store in the fan section. In case you wanna make the lamp and don’t have the fan parts.

Gary Jernigan says:

Very nice

Willy Espinoza says:


Tyre Hester says:

Thanks for this idea! I am about to replace one of my ceiling fans and I can use the old fan parts for a similar pendant kitchen light.

Sergio Filosofo says:

Cool for a temporary, temporary lamp, it would keep a lomgterm fix!

wryaa ahmad says:

اعمال التي تقوم بها ممتاز جدا انا اتمنى اعمل لديك لتعلم الخبرة منك شكرا

Kaleb Swager says:

Love it! But it might of been easier/cheaper to use a T8 bypass led with a lense

PatWinner54 says:

the only thing I don’t like and I’m sure you don’t either is the split in the middle of the lights. Everything else looks great, however.

Andy Kang says:


Clint Cochrane says:

Hehe butt joint

Dave Williams says:

Nice one Glen

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