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This is for those who need decent lighting on a budget! Most of these materials can be found at your local Walmart & even lying around your house:)

Materials for DIY Ring Light #1
(You can find ALL at Walmart)
-Clamp Light
-Soft White Light Bulb 100w
-Craft Foam
-Wax Paper
-Clear Tape

Materials for DIY Ring Light #2
-12″ Wire Wreath
-18 ft. White Rope Lights
-Zip Ties
-extension cords
-aluminum foil
-hot glue gun

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PopTarted says:

Can I use a flashlight

How to: With Rannon Marie says:

You have gained a subscriber! I love this idea I am a New YouTuber as well! Please check me out and share the Love

Jasmine Nicole says:

you’re a freakin GENIUS

A Slaying Mother says:

Great video can you explain how u stand the ring light up on the stand?

Nadia Elizabeth says:

Thank you so much for this video. I’m a super new Youtuber so this really helped.

Fe Goodson says:

Hey where do you put the actual light? Do you have it sitting or standing on something?

Tristan Wilhelm says:

Awesome ideo for example 2. That is indeed a ‘bright idea lol

cupcakesmile world says:

Thank you for showing the side by sides videos!!! Very helpful!!!

The Outlet says:

So glad I found this!  I happened to  have 2 clamp lights and was trying to figure out how to use them instead of a ring light.  Now I can use one of them like a ring light.  Thanks!  Love your video.  Sweet personality.

Qirra & Ashley!! says:

Your eyeliner is A1. That wing end is sharp af

My "Real" California Life! says:

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Huli Gomez says:

I’ll sub to anyone who will sub to me

Aisha says:

So the tech vdo starts at 1:38
Thank me later guys.

Mandi Bullard says:

Bawlin on a budget 🙂

AngelOfMusic1202 says:

Will a led sticker strip work for this?

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Clau y Edu GamePlays says:

good. First idea is really good ! thanks

Sophia Fantozzi says:

I love your personality ahhhh

Jackee Turks Love says:

Great video. I’m making the ring light. Question, What do you stand it up on?

0777 FilmCraft says:

Great info

Millie Jean Warren says:

GIRL. YES. THANK YOU. I’d love to start a Youtube channel but it’s like, DAMN! Everything is so expensive! haha The camera, the software, the set haha Thank you for helping us stay on budget. <3 Also, you're rad af.

Gladys & Michelle says:

oooooo might try this out

Sab Sabrina says:

t es ma youtubeuse préférée je viens de commander sur ce car les autres n’avait pas le modèle que je voulais

Lila’s DIY says:

I’m starting YouTube so this helps

Myra Jones says:

IG: hilarybanksssssss

Aquwa Jana' says:

Thanks for the video. I am going to try these out !

R're & I says:

Can you please subscribe to my family channel New to YouTube R’re & I


Holy crap, you are soooooo good at explaining things, soooooo thorough! I love you, queen! Thank you!!!

Lilly Hoilday says:

So funny story if anyone clowns this, they used this lighting technique for lord of the ring specifically for Galadriel. Think about that millions or dollars and they used Christmas lights stamped to a board. Get it done!

Bettina Sparrow says:

Hey! I just started a youtube channel and I watched your VIDEO to help me make a ring light. Thanks! 🙂


I love it I will make them for my background for my stage ! Thank you ! I am 10 years old and I love diy !!!

Carolina Mercado says:

So when i was watching the part where you say 3 more subscribers and ill reach 700, i automatically went to the red button to be one of them and realize you’re on 17K and this was posted 2 years ago…holy shit girl, good job!!

The Estyle Show says:


Natalie Gennaoui says:

This is a pretty great DYI! Thanks.

Marie Hansen Psychic-Medium says:

Loved the ring light! that’s really clever 🙂

Daniella Ospina says:

I just started Youtube and I am so gonna do this!

around the house with cheryl says:

Thanks for sharing this. I may try to make one.

HeyItsMeJas says:

“thumbs up if you’re cheap like me” *immediately smashes like button*

Andra Ps says:

Hello, is there anyway to use suncharged or neon lights insteed so you don’t have to plug it in and so be more mobile? Thx and kisses

Tamara Michelle says:

This was awesome. I’m just starting out so this helps!

haylee says:

This is great video! Very Useful. Thanks for saving me and others loads of money!

but on another note, is anyone else having issues with watching videos recently? It’s like the past two days every video i try to watch keeps buffering every 5 seconds. It’s not my internet because everything else works fine. Idk whats going on lol. Am I the only one?

AnonymousZee says:

thank you very handy. great job thanks

Lifestyle T says:

This is a great video! I found it very helpful!

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