How-to: Powerful DIY video light (800 watt equivalent)

Griffin builds a powerful, DIY video light for $86, using hardware store parts, and eight 100-watt-equivalent compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs. Also discussed: three-point lighting and color temperature / white balance.

Light output: 12,800 lumens, or 13 incandescent bulbs worth of power, but uses only 184 actual watts
Color temperature: 5,000 degrees Kelvin (often called “daylight”)
Power consumption: draws 3.2 amps

Wiring diagram:


Watch Erik Beck’s ($43) DIY video light:



How do you get the umbrella to hold? I saw that you drilled a hole but how does the umbrella stay?

Gonçalo Veiga says:

Hi. Is there a way to get these instructions for free?

Thank you!

MystroVision says:

I have been a long time Indy Mogul subscriber and have always loved this build. Recently I did a video shoot outside where in some shots the light was great because we were under more direct sunlight but others were not as good when we were under cover and there was really no place for us to plug in any lights. Is it possible to make a build like this using a battery? Could you do a video like this? Or even an updated video of this would be great as well.

Stealth Camping California with Will Prowse says:

killer setup. thanks man

ByteByteGaming says:

Nice video!

Workout Diabetic Man says:

Looks like a good project. I will for sure be building this light. Maybe even two.

Prelude Fugue says:

that is amazing!!!!   how long you can keep those lights on?? I want to use this idea for making an indoor growing lights for plants, which requires at least 8 hours lights on every day…. I am wondering if the white plastic plate will be melted because of the heat….  I wish you can make an video to explain the circuit installation.   Thank you.

wil roboly says:


Terri Avery says:


spyralspyder says:

I made one with only 2 100 watt natural cfls It is awesome but washes me and my canvas out. Boy painting is hard in a small space.

SairaSings says:

Made it. It’s awesome

Rida LAAMOUMI says:

I really would like to know if there’s anyone that really tried that. It is too much.

Clover Hang says:

That’s great but don’t you afraid that the light gonna heat the plastic box?

Alexander Zotov says:

Perfect tutorial!

Justin Brewer says:

doesn’t melt that plastic tub?


i have 6500k bulb i want to know is more temperature labeled bulb equals best quality or vice versa please tell

Satheesh Padmanabhan says:

Dear Sir , I am not an electrition , can you make one for me I will pay you . Please let me know . Thanks

diamond tv says:

you suck

Robert Bob says:

Be careful what plastic tubs you use for this. I ended up with some that completely came apart on the bottom when I drilled through them. Got some more on the way that will hopefully survive the process. Also, some of the metal pans are teflon coated. Best to avoid those if at all possible because they are nearly impossible to glue. Finally, where is the best place to buy those flag pole holders?

Joshua Warren says:

The flag pole holder doesn’t fit snugly onto my light stand. What size holder do you have? Is your light stand bigger than normal?

Terri Avery says:


Abdualziz Alhuseini says:

Some companies designs some systems to transport the sunlight to specific place using sun light collectors, fiber optics & lenses. The idea is very simple. But no body tried to DIY it. The sun collector can be made by sticking the mylar on TV dish to reflect the light to the convex lens which is placed at certain point, after the lens the fiber optic is place which I believe it is placed at the focal point. Then the light is transported through the fiber optic which at the end is connected to lens to distribute the light. This can work all the day time if the dish is somehow connected to some kind of system which direct it to the sun position. Think about DIYing it.

Brian Finn says:

What is the CRI of these bulbs?

SpunkeyMonkey says:

Any idea how to put UK wiring together?

Ray Mark Joseph Tejada says:

great fckng details

Système D Multimédia says:

Hi. Unfortunately, it’s becoming really difficult to find cake pans with lid on in stores. Are there other alternatives for this ? I thought of another solid plastic box (with lid) instead, but the only ones I could find are too flimsy to work like this. I’m not sure if a cookie box can do (I’m not sure of what metal it’s made of, but I don’t think it aluminum and the metal doesn’t look very solid).

Any ideas ?

Thanks to answer

Gathering Bleu says:

this was friggin excellent

Corbin VW says:

the bulb needs to be in the dish not outside of it

Declan Murphy says:

Also great for growing weed

Travis Montgomery says:

Killer video. I just bought the stuff. Never thought I’d buy a cake pan… Thank you for sharing!

Kay and Dan says:

wish I had the time to do all of this

Krisalis says:

I heard about Indy Mogul in a video on the Creator Academy. Came to check this out… It’s seems pretty damn cool. 😀

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