How To Make Light Bulb Smart Phone Projector At Home Easy DIY Light Bulb and Shoe Box Projector

By using a light bulb we can make Mobile Phone projector it so simple and cheap when compared to magnifying lens projector and effective , Use house hold bulbs and clear the filament and load with water and it serves as magnifier and place the smart phone behind the bulb.

Warning : Kids and children take adult supervision and make sure to wear gloves as it is a glass chances are high that it may broke and hurt you so please take care.


Omar K-TaBi says:


Sardar Nani says:

how to make speaker bro

Siddarth Jadawat says:

not that much effective as shown

o-k tv says:

why don’t you place the shiny side of
some aluminum foil inside to make
it brighter

Nikesh Nikesh kumar says:

nikesh Kumar

avinash verma says:


Mahanig Mastamadi says:

I want to stry

Chris Oreo says:

i thoght i saw it first

Manan Manan says:


oh no

. Red ….

Vuk Romić says:

not working

kizzy sherman says:

Google the product Raid….hope it’ll help you Bae Namaste

Ashwini Bandarkar says:


cherry blossom says:

I will call the exterminator but rally good video

Ilyas s. says:

use bleach for bulb not water. at least it will provide clearer image. so it will delay you to have blind eyes moron

Kavitha Subramanyam says:

Bro but quality is not good bro

Rajput Saab says:

paji koi risk ta nai ga phone k saath



Pranay Padam says:

how did you DJ box

Rupankar Talukdar says:

is there any problem or risk to remove bulb cap???

Keith Henderson says:


عمر باحبيل says:

Thnk you man

mohmmed arshad says:

not working

K Upendra says:

I like it…..

sabuj khan 24 says:

very good

linu A best roman says:


Sohail Saifi says:

osam Osam Osam Osam Bro……..

NEVINDU StUdIo says:

subscribe Mr

kizzy sherman says:

OMG was that a cockroach I just saw Are you building a roach motel OMG. Are you building a roach motel? because if that was my house with roaches that bad like that I would do my project outside ewwww FYI

its _katie says:

would an ice cream tub work

Dheeraj Dhruv says:

i think to buy a mew shoe to make projecter and fuse light bulb

MessaroundUSA says:

It’s awesome but only a little blurry

Ashley Udairaj says:

Their is a bug over there

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