How To Make LED Earrings – DIY LED Light Up Earrings

In this video I show how to make shining LED earrings with removable battery. Super easy, super cheap and absolutely gorgeous! Let’s shine! 🙂

For the DIY LED Earrings you will need:
2 LEDs (light-emitting diodes)
2 googly (wiggle, jiggly) eyes
2 button cells
2 earring hooks
super glue
and smth for lampshades (if I can say so) – table tennis balls, artificial flowers or mini glass bottles for crafting (etc)

Questions you might ask:
1. Where to get LEDs? You can buy them just at the store where you buy batteries (buy two button cells batteries at once:)) OR cut off two diodes from not working Christmas lights.
2. What button cell battery I used. Here what was written on it – Lithium Cell CR 1225 3V. Diameter – 12 mm.
3. Where to buy earring hooks? Just take them from useless earrings 😉
4. How it comes that googly eye perfectly suits to the battery? It’s a magic LOL, but seriously wiggle eyes for toys match to button cells. I’m really proud of myself I found the perfect and international format of the thing to hide a battery in. 🙂

Just in case – yes, you can remove and change cells (batteries). They are pretty easy to remove. So just hold them in you jewelry organizer, and when you’ll want to put on light up earrings – just insert them into “googly-eyes”-part LOL And remove, when you’ll not need them anymore.

I’m in love with my DIY Light Earrings! They are so cool, so beautiful! And helpful! 🙂 Why? Because you can read a book using them as a flash light. Or if you’re coming back home late from disco, party, clubbing etc – you can light up the keyhole to open the door. Millions of options how to use these earrings :)))))

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Sushil Pawar says:


EmpressTreiale says:

This is so creative! I definitely want to make my own now. I wonder if you could get it to work with smaller batteries? I suppose it depends on the LED!

Moona 1234 says:


Ferid Kerimov says:


Aqeel Ali says:

it was amazing

Tekeyber Mohamed aly says:

……..why don’t you sell them these stuff ?!
who agrees put a thumb up on my comment

mneyet_ bettar says:

Idunn goddess you are very productive continues like that I encourage you and you are the best you are really cool.

My Vlog says:


Lps Sude says:

i you star

Jessica Aurelia says:

Choose One…


Who Is The DIY Queen?
– Me, Obviously Idungoddes.

Suela Alili says:

I don’t like it

Соня Андреевна says:

ставь лайк если ты русский

PetiteCerise Rouge says:


Adan Amjad says:

This is such an amazing and original idea! Wow Idunn!!!

Santosh Kumar says:

thankyou for the amazing idea

Apro Frido says:

wow !!!!!thanks:-D

Aurelia Bachmeier says:

That looks so cute!

Ummi Yaacub says:

I like the intro.. ♡ you look like Gwyneth Paltrow!

Kezzy Robins says:

Such a great idea! Whenever I’ve done this I’ve always gone for just taping the LED to the button cell, but this is reusable. What a great idea! I think your YouTube name means idea-goddess and I can totally see that! You are full of great ideas!!!

Kanita Laci says:

you are so beautifool

Tekeyber Mohamed aly says:

…….Wow! wow your really a genius honesly you really deserve all the love of the world!

irina Barcari says:


Alinka DIY says:

I love you

Clémisse DIY says:


Kamal Banga says:

Yes, i also want to know that there is any video in which she speaks?

Aune Arain says:

you and sara beauty are friends or sisters

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