How to Make an EPOXY LED Pendant Light || woodworking & epoxy resin

How to make a DIY modern pendant light by pouring epoxy resin over LED strips.

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This modern LED pendant lamp is an experiment in woodworking and epoxy process and design, with LEDs and epoxy resin in a live edge cookie slab. The idea was to cut an organically shaped LED channel following the wood grain in a live edge wood slab, and pouring epoxy over LEDs. It was also an excuse to use this locust cookie slab I’d had sitting in the shop for a long time.

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o Heat Gun:
o Epoxy Resin:
o Red Translucent Pigment:
o Pendant Light Kit:
o 12V Side Emitting LED Strip:
o 12V LED transformer/power supply:
o 5V White/Warm White/Amber LED Strip:
o 5V music sync LED controller:
o Aluminum Foil Tape:
o Fine Grit sanding pads:
o Cordless Drill & Driver:
o World’s Greatest Sander:
o Bench Cookies w/ Finishing Cones:
o Bench Cookie T-Track Risers:
o Universal T-Track:
o T-Track Clamps:
o T-Track Hold-down Clamps:



Dan Cary says:

Very cool project idea. Love that you included the mistakes and things you learned. I’m definitely going to mess around with a similar project.

dmaraptor says:

Сan it light something up or just for the decoration? I see light is too dimmy.

Florencia Hernandez says:

What a nice project! Can’t wait to see the safer way to do it… thanks for making us aware of the possible implications!

Danny Kotcher says:

I got some new ideas here – too bad I don’t own half of the tools needed.

Erivan de Souza says:


Play-N-Rage says:

epoxy just the bottom half of your channel, then leave air/ empty channel above for led so it can have air

antiquevintage retro4u says:


Эмин Абдуллаев says:

А если диод сгорит. То как менять?

Александр Тонкошкуров says:

Дело было вечером – делать было нечего…

Ugur Isleyen says:

a foolish project for only advertising..

zachary schofield says:


TinyWorkshop Design says:

be careful…. your the way U use the router is extremely dangerous

BeEeT Castle Clash says:

Hi Mike, I loved the lamb design. could you make one for me and I pay for it? I want it 220V how much it costs me? Waiting for ur reply… <3

Xray U says:

What if you take your slab and hollow it out most of the way from the back. Then you can cut your channel from the back and just use the slab as like a veneer. With a piece of the slab as a back plate it would give the same look and solve both heating and led replacement issues.

Works by Solo says:

Hey Mike! Sweet project! Looking forward to seeing your next iterations.

John Silverman says:

Looks great! As an aircraft avionics tech the wiring portion made me cringe but it works and will work fine in the long run. Nice work.

SirJMDDK says:

Omg that soldering.. Hurts my EE heart!

spaight711 says:

That’s a pretty complicated way to run USB power. Just sayin’

onjoFilms says:

Thanks for showing us all the idiot moves, so we don’t do them.

asandrius86 says:

Nice idea, but I see 2 problems: 1. When the led strip will fail it will be difficult to fix, because somehow you will need to take off epoxy…, 2. Led strip is not attached to any metal construction, so it will have heat problems which will cause to Led failure…

Cent says:

could have showed it in the dark, I would like to see if it gives you enough light so you can actually use it as a light or if it’s basically just a decoration.

Movie Imix says:

Что у него за фреза с компьютером? И зачем он наклеил эти домино на дерево?

ТАТЬЯНА Исимбекова says:

Урод низколобый мне одному покозалось что он не похош на нормального человека

dreamkiss4u says:

does it illuminate a room or its just specifically for decoration only?

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