How to make a super bright LED light panel (for video work etc)

Here’s how to make a super-bright LED light panel. It’s equivalent to a 1000w incandescent light bulb, and it’s super useful for video work as it has a daylight colour temperature and doesn’t use PWM for dimming. There are 900 individual LEDs in this panel, which is why it’s so bright.

Here’s a list of parts:
(you can purchase from either eBay, Amazon, or AliExpress)

















The following are better sourced from your own local hardware store:

a sheet of 6mm MDF

a sheet of 18mm MDF

2x aluminium tubes or wooden dowels

a switch

magnet wire

6.8k resistor

small & medium wood screws

a sheet of plexiglass.

12 awg wire

a small fan

How to make a shard light:

How to make a graphics card quieter:

How to make a battery protection circuit:

If you attempt this project you do so at your own risk. I assume no responsibility for any injuries or damages caused to people or property during its construction or use.

If you are under 18, a responsible adult must be present when using power tools.

I have taken care in making sure the information in this video is accurate. However,I am unable to provide any warranty concerning the accuracy or completeness of any information contained in the video.


RiG fReak'z says:

Can i use the power connector that came with my led strip instead of a battery??

Neceros says:

I see those affiliate links there. 😉

Universeal13 says:

Now test the cri.

Jason Lindle says:

Seeing as this video is now 2 years old.  Are you still using this light?  Any issues with the adhesive of the strips?  Any other issues?  I’ve started to build the same so if there are things I could address now, it would be helpful.

Arlene Haas says:

it was all very interesting a whole hell of a lot of soldering going on but it would have been nice to see the final product at the end of the video.

jinakuo says:

very nice project i like to make one too now knowing how to actually construct one

Church Soundbooth says:

At about 10:45 into the video just after you make the adjustments it looks like the little blue pot is OFF the board and near the external pot then at 10:47 it is back on the board. NO mention of that in the audio. What happened there?
Nice video and interesting project.

Heine Ken Millinge says:

PWM flicker is only a problem when the frequency is too low.

aaron grubb says:

wow. brilliant!

AmbieWolfie says:

How could I do this using multiple AA battery packs and a lower voltage?

Taji Hall says:

@DIY Perks where you located

Mugen90 says:

Tim nice but dim.

Louis LePetit says:

Hi! I have a quick question. Can I use two voltage regulator to control two types of colors (like in the flexible panel video)? Thanks

Luca Caldari says:

you are sexy and smart I must subscribe now ! 😀

Blue Steel says:

Yeeeeaaaah can I just pay you to build me one? lol

Pixel says:

Read the thumbnail VERY carefully.

Kasper Nørgaard says:

What happens if you get below the 6 volt?

Jeremy Gassmann says:

Can this build be done with a multi color LED Strip? It would be amazing to not have to put gels in and its just a click of a button to change the color.

Nano The Crow says:

I like your videos i´m suscribed
I want to ask you How can i use this kind of led for ilumination at home like a bulb?
I want to have 30w for my living my room etc..
I live in colombia and here we have 120V AC
Can you suggest me a page or a tutorial were i find the info i need?

LightForAll says:

WOW. I may wind up making this my summer project! It really doesn’t look very complicated, and the style of video instructions are really rather straightforward. THANKS!

Ivans Andre says:

hello, this is the best diy project i have ever seen. I have a 20k potentiometer and two 5m leds. will that do for my project?

Mathieu Simard says:

Lol the last 2 min seemed complicated as fuck

Lexington Streakless says:

Very Good Tutorial, though i wish you showed more parts involving the fan.

Kasper Nørgaard says:

Hi Matt
What if I want to build a smaller LED light, which voltage regulator do I need if I still want to dim the light? And how do I calculate how many amps and how much current the LEDs needs?

LoopsUnlimited - Live.Cover.Music. says:

Thanks so much for the video. I just finished the build of my first lamp and I ordered the parts for the second one. I changed one thing. I used only 5m of LED stripes. The stripes I bought, draw 14,5W/m which is almost 75W. (I measured the current and the voltage and  the stripe really draws the 70W!)

When I use 5m, the 100W voltage reulator doesn’t get too hot. I use a 12V/6A power supply.

So everything fits nicely together. The dimming works just fine. I did some test footage with my camera and I found out, that for indoor use, one LED stripe is bright enough.

But I want to have more lights in order to get a three point lighting.

My next project is to build  your DIY camera slider. Looking forward to it.

M. A. Kader Jibon says:


Jason Lindle says:

Also, can anyone tell me why this is only 10 amps? Everything I’ve looked at says it should be 15-18 amps (5-6 amps per strip)

Latest Updates says:

hello diy perks i am from nepal i liked your videos alot but can u make led sign board where letter are scrolling to give some information using 5mm leds

Shaun's Kiwi Vlog says:

awesome video mate thanks! sick of paying stupid money for LED video lights so will give this a crack. already tried another tute which yielded a bad result!

Massimiliano Liva says:

Quite skeptical: Led without any alluminium heatsink?

Perspective Philosophy says:

Hey, this video is very impressive. Im not really experienced very much with this stuff but what about insulation. I’m interested in making even a smaller build for my girlfriend but id rather not accidentally kill one of us. So my question is do you not need to insulate the exposed wires?

Jamie Martin says:

or you could use kitchen cabinet handles for handles. Great tutorial. 🙂

Rishi Deva says:

Can this go on a dimmer? Also what about interchanging between Tungsten and Daylight? and colour mixing is this possible?

Simplicity v Studio uk says:

Hello can you help build this light with great brightness intensity

Divus iulius says:

Is it possible for you to give us some kind of idea of it’s actual output in Lumens or take some lighter meter measurements ISO 100 to 400. Shutter speeds from 60 to 1000 and see what kind of F-Stops you’re getting?

Super Bright is somewhat relative. 1000 Watts is what in Lumens or Lux? I have no idea.

Stephen Etherington says:

I have been thinking of making this for a while now but was wondering if anyone could suggest some led strips from Amazon U.K. The one suggested cost 54 pounds

SwagSubscriber says:

Should I build this or the flexible led one? I wish to have a light panel hanging on a wall and be able to move over to a stand for videography and photography.

Xavier Fornós Ciurana says:

how is the quality of the leds? Some green or magenta domination?

Tim Murphy says:

Hi Matt,

Love your videos, I must have nearly watched all of them by now.

In this video you solder positives to a wire and negatives to another then these to wires are connected to the power source. Is there any benefit to this compared to wiring each LED in the loop as though they were one strip. i.e. wire + to + and – to – then follow the flow to the end of that strip and repeat.

Mr Darkmind says:

Cool Video thanks for sharing

Aidan Blah says:

Is there a reason why you connected the power to the strips in parallel and not in series?

The unique view says:

Awesome video, just ordered stuff to make 3 lights (bit smaller though). Does anyone know where to get light diffuser sheets and also diffusing sheet that change the color temperature a bit?

Divus iulius says:

What is the limit of how many LEDS you can use at 12v? What kind of std can I go by if I wanted to build this light with twice as many LEDS?

Bikers Pilgrim says:

can we use smps as supply ???
could you do a video on it using smps

GamerGab007 says:

Nice mod for the drill battery mate!

Johnathan Wuethrich says:

nice work! subbed!

Kevin von Puttkammer says:

Is there a specific kind of fan you would recommend ?

Tim Gundert says:

Anyone know how much Watts the 22k potentiometer have to handle?

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