How to Make a Paper-cut Light Box : DIY

After being inspired by Hari and Deepti I decided to make some cut paper light boxes and put together three tutorials, one advanced, one intermediate and one easy for you all!

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“Carefree” Kevin MacLeod (
“Easy Lemon” Kevin MacLeod (
“Silver Blue Light” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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project equator says:


pammy t says:

I love your video’s, Chezlin! You have inspired me to do several of your crafts, even though I am not as artistic as you. I especially enjoy how you make your video’s for advanced, intermediate and beginner crafters as this includes just about everybody who is interested in crafting. You have great tips and idea’s! Love, Love, Love!!!

Also, for fans of this shadow box tutorial, there is a detailed video on how to attach the power to the strips here:

Joshua Lorenzo says:

This is amazing.

Victor Hugo Palacios says:


Azer Faradjev says:

Супер!!! Пожалуйста дайте мне ссылку на первую картинку, templates

Dimas Yulianto says:

This is beautiful!

Ann Hope says:

love love love this!

Azer Faradjev says:

Заранее спасибо!!!

Denisse Arabí Álvarez says:

Hi! I tried it with a design i took from the La La Land movie poster and the result was amazing!! Thanks

infinirock says:

Thank you for the tutorials! Very informative. Is there a battery powered LED that you would suggest? ~Christine

gfglastnight says:

love her voice tho… so soothing…

Whispering Mischief says:

Aaahhhhhh these are so beautiful I wish I’d seen them weeks ago so I could make a bunch in time to give them as gifts for the holidays

Collossus says:

Wow. You are very creative and artistic. The final piece really shows it.

Kai Maya says:

What’s the weight of the cardboard you used?
I used a pretty thin cardboard and I’m not satisfied with the result :/

Kristina Bennett says:

What size shadow box did you use for the intermediate one?

Tobi Dairo says:

Wow even the hard work you’ve done u have 43k sub I thought u would have like 3 mill

Cris McNally says:

Beautiful work ! Do you have the template of the first drawing?  Could you make it available , please? Thanks

ChristacheLaPistache says:

Beautiful and useful, thank you! Do you know a way to hook the led strip to a solar mini-panel though? I could do without those electric wires …

Pope Romera Castro says:

no tutorial on how you integrated the glass and its frame? 🙁

josiahsdays says:

This is very cool!!! MARRY ME!!! lol 🙂

Joshua Lorenzo says:

This is amazing.
But I still don’t get it how the lightning and the depth layers work.

Jesse Caingles says:

Looks great!

Chhman Sukhna says:

I cannot draw nor sketch is there a program that can make the layers? Thanks

ibasiclypwn says:

woahhh these are so cool looking!! Awesome

HeavenleeMe says:

When I went to the craft store I saw cardstock and heavy cardstock. which one should I get for this project?

sweethoney exo says:

so pretty …

Judi Christopher says:

Beautiful… 😉

Mai Linh Tran says:

Thank you for sharing your arts. Such amazing girl you are

Adon Munoz says:

whoa! this tutorial is McDonald’s… I’m lovin’ it!

Ara Dobler says:

like si hablas castellano jaja

Tail End Customs says:

Very nice. Great job

Nubia Morán says:

me encanta como queda y la explicación es sencilla

maurina de wulf says:

wow so great. Thanks for the explanation. I will try this

Dale Holman says:

Hey I love this video, one quick question though. For the advanced version how does the glass installation work? Is there grooves precut into the wood or do you just glue and tac the box Around the glass?

Haze Newman says:

hey! I absolutely love this tutorial but I was wondering if there is some possibility that I can use a switch with batteries instead of a cord, and could you tell me how or give me a link of some?

박지혜 says:

정말 예뻐요, 덕분에 좋은 자료 얻어갑니다.
It’s Nice, I get good data thanks to

vince piper says:

awsome thanks

speckled fawn says:

that’s just amazing! so beautiful I can’t wait to try 😀

xxbr0kenangel says:

Omg best tutorial I have seen #spiritedaway #studioghibli 😀

Chhman Sukhna says:

Hi great job. Would you share the template pdf? Thank you

hana green says:

how can i download this video

jim heirwegh says:

ART with a Capital A….love it !

Mrinali Lakhotia says:

can you please make a video on how to make a room in this box as related to interiors

Chhman Sukhna says:

you are great!

Chinpokomon Master says:

Hey! Can you tell us how heavy the card stock you used is? 🙂

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