How to make a LIGHT BOX

Today on DIY Creators, I built a photo lightbox.
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———————–Materials used——————-
1. (7) 1 by 2 by 8ft select pine
2. Diffusion fabric
3. Wood filler
4. Wood clue
5. Get the plans here

————————Tools used————————
1. Metal square
2. Miter Saw
3. Pocket hole jig
4. Drill and Driver
5. Jawhorse
6. Orbital sander
7. Heat gun
8. Bandy Clamp
9. Bar clamp
10. Staple Gun

——–Camera and Recording Gear and Lighting Kit——

Camera – Nikon D5500 –
Mic to record to computer –
Mic to Record to the Camera
SD Card
Camera Slider

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DIY Creators says:

I’ve wanted to make one of these for a long time. Just got around to making it. Totally stoked about it. If your not already, connect with me on

Harki Dodia says:

Don’t go to crazy with the moss in your pictures….lol

Mind Made Design's - DIY says:

Nice made, and handy for small producs and more.. I also make a new video, im not so good as you but maybe you like it.

Curtis Stacy says:

great project

jason sanders says:

Metal sqaures dont have prices could you link to store please

Maria H says:

Another awesome build. I can’t wait for my DIY Creators T-shirt to arrive now 🙂

Seasonal Frostbite says:

excited for the merchhhh

Saknika says:

Love this! Absolutely looking forward to the builds on some interchangeable backdrops and floors! I bought a cheap little light box a few years ago, and it’s pretty small… so this is absolutely going on my must-have list once I have the space to store it! ♥

Felix From Nebraska says:

Nice project Glenn! Thanks for sharing.

Crystal Soulslayer says:

Great project. I get the impression that, if you’re the kind of person who’d need one of these, you’d _really_ need it. The construction is simple enough that you’d need very few tools to be able to build the thing. Probably wouldn’t be too hard to adapt it to a flat-pack knockdown style, either. 😀

BTDarters Channel says:

Glenn, such an awesome build!! I think I’m actually going to make one of these! Thanks so much!!

Imari Nefty says:

That’s an awesome project!!! Nice job!

Christel Valies says:

I love it!☺☺☺

Paul Newell says:

Can u give my ig page a shout out in a upcoming video plzz @awesom_a.r.t

Paulino Costa says:

Wow …great project , excelent , congratulations !

Seth Sumaya says:

Good to see another video from you! Keep it up, and thanks a lot.

GetBackinBlack03 says:

glen good work but wife says your avocados too ripe

Mehdi Habib says:

You are creative, my brother, I wish you to die

Tom Pritchard says:

Sure glad I watched your video. I’m hoping to sell my hand carved Santa’s on Etsy in a few months. Taking pictures have been very hard to do. To get the light right, this would be a great way to do that. Thanks again!! Looking forward seeing your backdrops.

Dainen G says:

Love your videos dude!

Jos Gonzalez says:

En la intro del producto me pareció ver unos aguacates de muestra dentro de la caja de luz genial jajaja saludos

Brian Prusa says:

Congrats on the merch and 900k subs. Keep up the good work. I like to use bondo on large gaps/holes like the pocket hole. Dries fast and sands well.

Steve Ansell says:

Awesome project! I am definitely going to build this. This seems like a great tool for shooting small pieces.

NY ZEN says:

thanx for the video it really got my creative juices flowing. so many options and versatility with this project.

Dave Harry says:

Your craftwork is good. As always. But whotakes photos of moss around a camera or watch; devices known for their susceptibility to moisture?

Killber Amazuki says:


Evan Hartanto says:

Keep up the great work!!!!!!

Maryam Ulhaq says:

You are a creative n amazing teacher of wood work n beauty.

#BeyondTube says:

Hey Nigga ….

D Scott says:

Great project and a great video of it. Thank you.

Aniket Khade says:

They way you hid the cloth seams was really great. Also congrats for the new merch store.

Mindy Her says:

nice !

along ilham says:

im a photographer, i can say that you just made the top quality small studio, thumbs up man!

Ronna Keil says:


DIY Creations says:


paul mccormack says:

great project

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