How to make a lampshade, lanterns, and yarn globes – Want to make a cool hanging light fixture for your house? Or decorative globes for a room? It’s easy! (and cheap)…you just need yarn, glue, a big old bouncy ball, and my DIY tips. Let’s get messy together!

NOTE on light bulb: This project is not a fire hazard. If you use an LED bulb, it will stay nice and cool and not give off heat.

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Rich Bones says:

Im sorry but she did it the super sloppy way.

Habiba Mouly says:

can I use rice starch as the glue…..???

Nafiha Hanees says:

your Beauty….i like your Ismail :))))))


good .

Lana Burchell says:

* New Subscriber * Great cideo; very informative and fun. Thanks for the share, beautiful lady!

kan kan says:

loti labs variants

aulia uqmara says:

what glue did you used?

Vlad Koshel says:

I learned a lot with Stodoys guide. I think it’s the best way to learn about it

rani sekuru says:

super I like it

Pritam Goswami says:

whats type of the thread used up

mohamed alajtal says:

رائعة 🙂

sarangapani mm says:

can we use the ball once more?

chiranjit das says:


Vica Maya says:

This is awesome! Thanks for sharing this video, Dana 🙂 I saw one of these in a furniture store and think it’d be really fun to do it DIY style. Could you share a breakdown of the material costs for this project?

white horse says:

which glue? i dnt get it

89cookiefk says:

hi Dana.. this project looks great. I just made one now and have kept it to dry… it already looks kinda cool..thanks so much for this video..:)

FluffyPanda Lover says:

Can I use a flour and water mix instead of glue?

Nahidul Islam says:

You are fun watching. Please keep doing good works.

Maria Del Rosario Cruz Muñoz says:

Wow Que Muy Hermoso Chido!!! (y)

TV Plus says:

love it good job

smr jo says:


khilyatul fitria says:

What kind of glue that you used?

9 Perfects of Pink says:

can this work on other glue brand? Can it stick like what elmer’s glue does?

Aleena Aafreen says:

wow…this is amazing

Maria Ayoub says:

Which glue u used?

shalu kunwar says:

plz tell me..should I use the normal glue because yarn is not easily stick with the normal glue.

Ayeshy Khan says:

r u using a balloon?????

Layla Golightly says:

“until I told them it was for me” lol!

gautam pradhan says:

love it

Daimali Boro says:

What is the name of yarn with brown colour which dries really hard. Please mention as I couldn’t get it

gautam pradhan says:

love it

Deedat Ibrahim says:

Great video. Why does my yarn not stick to the ball? It keeps on falling. Please help!

Jose Calderon says:

I have a day to make these. Can I dry in front of a fan or with hairdryier for a quicker dry?

Sk Sonam says:

..very nyc video

Arjob Mukherjee says:

my girlfriend gifted this to me today

Manjula Ramesh says:

where did you get the ball

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