How to Light an Amazing Portrait with a Low Cost DIY Lighting Kit

Click here for low cost 12 inch lights:
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In today’s episode, learn how to Light an Amazing Portrait with a low cost DIY Lighting Kit. Our kit is under $50!

Introduction to Portrait Lighting

If this is your first time using lights for a portrait, being able to see how the lights interact with your subject will amaze you! The slight movement of a light can have a large impact on the mood of your photo. When you are taking a portrait, everything should revolve around your subject. Your choice in lighting should match the tone of the subject.

What We Cover

In this photography episode, we go over the specific lights we chose for our DIY (Do It Yourself) lighting kit. We also cover some lighting basics and the purpose of each light we used. Then we give you some awesome tips on working with your subject. We cover some things you can do and say to make your subject feel more comfortable.

Stay tuned for our next episode as we edit one of these head shots. The RAW file that Aaron is editing will be available for you to download and follow along.


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Sam iNG says:

Am i the only one who thinks he looks like MATT DAMON ??

David Carbonnier says:

which tripod did you used ?
thx bro

Josh Richardson says:

What about the light polls

Chris Conway says:

…and don’t forget to spin your subject around between sets placing them in a hypnotic state. It makes them MUCH easier to work with.

Roger Gallant says:

Great video, I’ve been looking for a DIY light set-up.  

mister fitzwell says:

Awesome tutorial!! #misterfitzwell #manzrivalz

Drew N says:

Love your tutorials. Spent the last week watching a couple dozen of them. Although I do have to agree the under $50 is very misleading. I do not have light-stands or boom poles, so this will easily put the price tag into the 3 figure range. Perhaps post a link to some reasonably priced light stands?

Denis Talár says:

This is a really great video 🙂

Ray Muise says:

I typed “DIY Portrait Lighting” into YouTube search and wasn’t confident on what results I would get but am VERY happy a result came up with Phlearn and have restored confidence.

Marie Cris says:

tHANK YOU VERY MUCH ! this is such an awesome and affordable technique i can use at home to shoot my kids, thank you giving us the opportunity to learn for free, thank you very much. much respect from the Philippines!

ViihGrunwald says:

this channel is amazing <3

arnilieable says:

thanks! i loved this!

Godfellas 91 says:

I wish really find lights such like this , really something awesome

csbhaskar says:

Hey Aaron, Can you make an episode of photography on how to take portraits of bulky and thin persons differently.

Theodore Ueki says:

Great informative video! Definitely am gonna use these techniques but what sort of light stands did you use?

Miguel A. Muñoz photomamp says:

A lot of good infos, perfect and didactically organized … in less than 8 minutes! Just a-ma-zing. Guys you rock!!!

partho podder says:

can u please do some episodes on hdr??

Teelio says:

I love all these low cost thingies… but i am broke as fuck and waiting to do this with my A7… fml.

daniel harper says:

what type of light stands did you use?

Jessika Carlson says:

Could you use this same basic idea for making videos too?

Boong Laishram says:

great video Bro

Peter XYZ says:

Great info!!!

Dexxter says:

Why is the ISO set to 500? Wouldn’t that make the pictures somewhat noisy?

khoruyi says:

so u dont use any speedlite?

trini938 says:

Can you say what stands were used for supporting the lights?. Thanks, great video

Marcus van der Stap says:

This looks really underexposed.

Oozywolf says:

Loving these photography tutorials. Awesome job!

Priscilla C. Scott says:

What kind of stands are you using for your lights?

Branislav Bokun says:

Best moment at 3:57 – Kidnapping scene 🙂


hi… i want to know what i buy to hold the lights… hav a sugestion?

Matthew Odom says:

Aaron one question bro!  How did you mount these?  I may have overlooked it 🙂

Dickie B says:

Do you set your white balance on the camera for florescent?

Kaloyan Tsilev says:

Great video! More of these will be much appreciated!

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