HOW TO: EASY $7 DIY AQUARIUM LIGHT – pendant style

How to build an aquarium light for $7 in 3 simple steps!

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Sian leah says:

out of curiosity what air pump do you use? nice tank!

Dan JW says:

Are you going to put the links in the description?

Exodus says:

You are very creative but still make it so simple! Now i was wondering is it possible to create an aquarium that does not need water changes not even a drip system, but a algae scrubber an external one that gets light on both sides i have heard thees being so efficient nitrate is unreadable. I would love to see you pull it off. thanks

SciGuy says:

Canadian Liberty Bell, eh?

MiXeD_UP aNd_INSANE! says:

Does anyone here know what size of tank you should use for a red tail Catfish?

Hamza shahid says:

worth watching awsm !

mathew cram says:

what air pump do u use

Dumb Dead1 says:

Not feeling the tiles.. Dunno why.. Just something about them that looks funny. Very nice fish though =)

LoneSleeper says:

I have a 30 Gallon bow front aquarium and a 30″ Fluorescent bulb with it and I want to start up a reef tank finally and I was wondering if the light I have now would be bright enough to support soft corals and what kind of filter I should get since I’ll be using live rock? If you can give me some advice when you have the time I’d appreciate it.

miss Dovii says:

I like the before look better loey

Angel Varela Faroppa says:

very nice tutorial. thanks!!!

SC Prepper says:

so you think one of these is enough for a 20 gallon long? i dont wanna grow plants or anything i just need illumination on my goldfish tank.

Jake S says:

Remember folks, these are canadian prices, so at this point, they’re baisically free to you americans

Devin Cline says:

I wish you would add closed captioning to your videos.

Andrew Rice says:

I like the HD shop lights:

Can easily paint the outside for a more professional look, encase them in a planter the same way, or build them into a canopy (the clamps make it really easy to mount/adjust them). I’ve used CFL bulbs in my planted tanks with a lot of success.

bshenanagins says:

Hey Joey, an excellent LED option for this setup would be the GE Reveal bulbs. They have good spread similar to the CFL’s and a very high CRI which will compliment all colors in the aquarium! Plus they aren’t too expensive

NiccoHel says:

Just a suggestion, but you could get 2-piece lamp holders so you don’t have to wrestle with the “lamp shade” when changing bulbs and it negates the issue of the metal touching the shade. The 2-piece holders have an outer, screw-on ring that will hold the shade in place, independent of the bulb. Also, it’s usually a good idea to hang a pendant lamp by a wire/string/chain attached to the shade or body, and not by the cord alone.

Vishnu Raj says:

Hai.. I had been watched your discus breeding techinques,tips and it was good., would u please add a video of breeding ram cichlid.

prakash257 says:

Hi . I plan to get the 3 75-Watt Incandescent Clamp Light from Home Depot and planning to make a PVC stand . This is for my 40 G breeder. Will 3 such lights be enough with a 13 W 6500 K bulbs for a Low to Medium planted tank?

dangappa says:

How many fishguys does it take to change that light bulb?

Killerkings 1111 says:

i live in ontario and i am looking for a decent place to buy my discus from. any suggestions? or maybe you have 1″ you want to get rid of?

Evolutionary exotics JENTSCH LOFT says:

Awesome Joey might be my favorite video from you.

Dawid Klemczak says:

Hi were did u buy the sockets your useing ther ?

Emmit Stewart says:

Those old blue lights washed all the color out of your fish.  They look much better under the white light.

Michael aquarium says:

nice lighting cool good idea

ron foreman says:


Ron Villa says:

awesome pretty cool idea. you think a silver painted inside would put off a little more light

Christopher Lee says:

hey Joey it’s Chris I have watched a lot of your videos I have been doing this for 2 year and have never had this problem with my tank it is a white hazy and it’s not that bad till you turn the lights on then it slowly gets worse and worse in 2 hours of light it starts to look really bad then I turn light out then next day same thing I do 2 30 to 40 percent water changes a week I have 75 gallon cichlid tank with 16 mbunas and 2 upside-down catfish with a Marineland c360 and I have air pump rated for 80 gallons with 2 big air stones on opposite sides of the tank I feed 2 a day and have cut the lighting almost down to none no food hits the bottom of the tank all my ammonia nitrite and nitrate and ph are all normal I would appreciate your input on what this my be sorry so long thanks chris

Jake S says:

Silver Dollars are getting big eh

Marco Chacon says:

1:39 only Star Wars fans will see it right away!

Danushka Vithanage says:

can we use any cfl or led light for tanks ??? and is it ok with fish ???

dmarksvr says:

Don’t know if anyone else has mentioned it, but while counter intuitive flat white is actually more reflective then gloss white. Bonus info, and also counter intuitive but true…. the dull side of aluminium foil is also more reflective then the shiny side

AquaLady 420 says:

freaking awesome!

TankOn says:

Great idea!

Abdiel Cortes says:

good freshwater lighting tips!, but I got one for you Joey, DIY lighting for saltwater/reef tank. as low cost as possible but strong enough to grow corals.

Slaterbug says:

you’re videos could really benefit from having some music

ClockDVA says:

Looks real good for a really good price. Cheers

Salamander Fangskin says:

Can the paint inside the planter burn with the heat and rip/peel apart?

Antonelle Russell says:

I have done the same thing on 2 of my aquariums and they look great I’ve already got positive replies from people thanks for the idea man

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