How to build an LED aquarium light that is fully customizable, cost effective and looks great!
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16.4ft 5M Waterproof Rope Lights 300 LED 5050 SMD Color Changing RGB Flexible LED Strip Light + 12V 6A Power Supply + Remote + IR Controller

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Joe Cummings says:

I would like to try this build but on ebay there are tons of these led strip lights. Can you give me the link to the specific one you ordered for this build? Thanks.

chaitanya rajesh says:

I really love your diy videos… u should really think of selling the stuff you make…

Mike Stubblefield says:

This is a great idea!

I set up the normal 11 gal. “starter tank” for my two sons a couple of years ago, since I wasn’t sure they’d really want to stick with having an aquarium.

They’ve really liked it, so now I’m upgrading to a 30 gal. that a friend gave to me. It’s an older tank, with a fluorescent tube light, and I was trying to figure out a cost effective way to convert it to LED. It’s already got a nice hood around the tube light, so I’ll pull that entire assembly out, and replace it with two rows of LED’s, like you showed here. Being only 25″ long, it should be very bright with only one role of LED’s.

Thanks a bunch for making this video!

sasukeinfinite says:

Just wondering how well this light has held up. Any issues with overheating? Thanks!

paducahFishFan says:

Great video! My only caution to folks who have real plants. The ability to have an LED light with a built in timer AND the ability to ramp up and ramp down can NOT be overstated. I have a ‘cheap’ LED light on a small tank and it’s giving me algae issues because I can’t set the intensity. High end LED lights normally have an intensity setting where they slowly ramp up to full power over a few weeks to avoid this type of issue.

Joey, you make this stuff look easy. Heck, it’s not even easy to make a video like this. Great camera work. 🙂

Skill4me says:

WAIT? I can’t use this for plants except “low-lightlevel-plants”?

Real D3vious says:

Thanks for this video…my 5 feet light has saved me a fair packet

WaffleCopterGAMES says:

will this be good for soft corals and some lps corals?

Aliasger Alimohammed says:

Won’t the LED light generate heat on pvc ?? Shouldn’t you need to add an exhaust or something?

Phil Ford says:

DIY King, thanks for sharing all the knowledge and experiences. They are a real blessing for us all. In reference to this light, my only concern is the heat factor. I’ve watched similar project videos and heat was the root of their demise. As of this day, have you had any melting or heat associated problems w/ you new creation? Merry Christmas!!!

Freeyourmind says:

I love watching your videos even though I may never build these things. It’s refreshing to see someone apply themself like you do.

Jose Pantoja says:

Hello , great videos btw, how do you change and control two different colors with the same remote?

Ilan Morr says:

What remote do
you buy

Roger Lucas says:

Absolutely brilliant.

Jeremy H says:

Great vid joey!!
You always do a great job showing and describing without wasting a bunch of time. My question is why didnt you just put the strips flat (like your first build) side by side (~4strips in paralel) and solder the ends to connect each pair?
You would not have as much light loss. all the leds would be facing down you would not have to reflect the light from the leds facing up or to the side.
This method would eliminate the cost of the pipe, the pipe end caps, the bolts and the worry about the pvc pipe sagging.

just a thought

keep up the good work!

jvr cj says:

how can you hang these on an aquarium to have them hovering above?

Junaidi Ali says:

great video. btw nice cross back arowana.

slikdarelic says:

hot! m gonna try this on my lil 24gal. bowfront.. lol.. thx

Luke Froeb says:

Hi Joey, I was just wondering if these lights would be strong enough to row plants that need a lot of light? It would be really nice if you got back to me!

Midget Mayhem says:

thanks for your vids. i spray painted the inside of my gutter silver and it worked great.

Andromeda Wins says:

any strips for plants ?

R E Nies says:

Joey, I’m going to try and make one strong enough to grow plants. Do you know how long a piece of PVC pipe would be needed if I wrap the strip on so that the edges are touching (no PVC showing), rather than the helix you used?

Henry Royte says:

move like jagger

Justin Batzer says:

You could use this same technique on a fluorescent light set-up (the ones supplied with most tanks) by wrapping the actual tube bulbs with the LEDs and using the housing instead of just tossing it.

D.Green Photography says:

Absolutely Dope!!

Marc Breer says:

If I put these on a timer at the plug, will they turn on how they were set or go back to a default setting?

altops says:

add more light stripes to the gap left over, times width of the tank equals plenty of growth power for corals etc.

Daniel Smoke says:

I had a quick question, sorry if has been covered already. I was wondering if LED lights will stop the growth of brown algae or even make it harder for it grow. My 3D background in my tank is now growing algae and I can’t scrub it off for multiple reasons, so I am looking for an alternative fix. Thank you!

Rob Zaldivar says:

I have two 55 gallon tanks I want to make 2 of them for my two 55 gallon tanks.can you pls.give the measurements and all materials you used.thank you and more power to you!

Bo Ure says:

Well done.

Andrew Connell says:

Just did this over the weekend. Love it… but I notice it’s not nearly as bright as my old setup. I had two white LED strips in a serpentine pattern on a flat piece of wood about 5″ above the top of the tank. I reused the same LED strips to do this… noticing that the top & back of the top of the tank aren’t being lit… the fish are pretty dark. I do like this setup a lot more, but I’m considering ways to mod this or redo it.

One option is to raise it up above the tank but that’s still not providing a lot of surface area to reach the front & back. The other option is to figure out a way to make this twice as deep.

Still… can’t beat a new LED strip for a 120 gallon 5′ long tank for under $50!

Zi Dai says:

don’t have drills, so im just gonna super glue pvc circle end caps

Psyduck The duck says:

How many of those light things do you think I’ll need for a light EXACTLY like this but only 20 inches each.

Myles Prower says:

I made this with the same LEDs, but I think mine overheated because both of them stopped working after a few weeks 🙁

Dean Woodward says:

i did this for my tank and all the waterproof sealer split and chunks came off. making it usless and not waterproof

Paul Stephens says:

I went ahead and tried this diy. everything was great until I noticed the power supply that was given was only 12v 5a. 5050 leds are .24a per led. so the power supply that was given was only good for 20 leds. you would need a 12v 80a power supply to power all 300 leds correctly add another 70 bucks to the cost.

Orchidomania says:

Cool shot at 7:01 🙂

Arnold Wiersma says:

What IP rating do you use for the LEDs? Is IP 44 sufficient of should I go for a higher waterproof rating?

Jim Whitaker says:

I really like this, you’ve given me a great way to start a high powered grow light version possibly… I never thought about gutter before, thanks.

Darksorcer778 says:

You can get the lights a minards to

Sandie Newstater says:

Fantastic and e z. Thxs for sharing.

Kyle Tomsich says:

Hey Joey. I just completed this build and it works as expected, but after letting it run for a couple hours I noticed one of the PVC pipes it’s bending because the lights made it too hot. what can I do from here?

Perris Aquatics says:

how did you connect two led strips together did it require a strip to strip jumper?

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