GLOW IN THE DARK Slime! DIY Light Bulb Slime Neon Blacklight Slime Doctor Squish

Glow In The Dark Slime! DIY Light Bulb Slime Neon Blacklight Slime Doctor Squish

Hi guys! Doctor Squish here! I am making some awesome Homemade Slime today! Little Squish had the idea for me to make glow in the dark slime. You don’t want to miss this cool slime recipe. It glows in the dark and glows a bright neon green under a UV blacklight!


Somchay Vonglaead says:

Hi! Doctor Sqish what color or be do you like?

Jetts Sisters says:

Who thinks Jose needs to be in more videos?

Krystyne Richmond says:

hey Dr.Squish. please make more shows. I watch you all the time.

Diamond Miner2008 says:

That was amasing

CoMeT PiG says:

where do you live

Kennedy Ciaravino says:

I mo

Sebella Jack says:

omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sooooooooooooooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tiffany Bourke says:


Kawaii kitty Paddayuman says:

I have 7 of those light bulb cups

Jasmine Hui says:

You can use eye drops to make slime you’re the best

Hope Whitfield says:

And I LOVEEEEEE your finger nail polish

Reis World says:

bring back jose . I think he’s a cute slimy  monster

Nakenzie Moss says:

I think that you should make a video of your hosben

Laura Tafolla says:

I made blue slime like this

Korea jade says:


Majalah Kalstar says:

tip:you can actually make slime without water just pour the glue,then ad the glow in the dark powder or something that you like maybe glitter,after that get your slime activator and mix mix mix

Ene Bianca Adriana says:

Where did you get it?

Sebella Jack says:

Madelyn: Wow! I would love to try to make glow in the dark slime! I will comment after I do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Korea jade says:

why don’t you show your​ face doctor squish plz answer me

Anete Degtereva says:

wow cool! !

Squishymaster 101 says:

Love it!!!!!

Cup guy says:

Dr squish what activator do u use?

Hope Whitfield says:

Can you make banana slime

Elize Miranda says:

Are you japanese or American?

gina arns says:

who is lil squish

Riley Covic says:

Are you English?

toeng phat says:

I love your nails

Tiffany Bourke says:

I love it!

Ivory Taplin says:

I don’t like your nails it’s scratches on the table

可愛いリラックマ says:

ddid you say phosphorus? If you did, You should know that phosphorus is a half radioactive poisonous substance, right

Marius Florin says:

Doctor squish will this work to make slime so I put white glue into a container and the I add water and mix and then add contact lens solution? Will it work plz tell me
Edit:Love you.

Alivia Kowalczyk says:

I love your channel and all your slimes

Nelly so drizzy says:

i like your video!!!

Ariana Brady says:

Have you big ten minutes

OtakuDad says:

WOW! That looks amazing under the BLACK LIGHT. It reminds me of the OOZE from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Kowabunga Dude ~ OD

Rachel Carlson says:

I love the

Esperanza Chappell says:

Hey doctor squish can you make a face reveil

louise angelina alegria says:


The unicorn sisters says:

I love it

Janna Ordillano says:

are you from Japan?

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