Free energy generator with light bulbs very easy – free energy 100%

Free energy generator with light bulbs very easy – free energy 100%

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Comments says:


Abdel Hamid Adjeroud says:

Tricher Batterie dans la lampe

Rohit Chaudhri says:

Bahi is se phone charg kae sakte hai

Pritam Patil says:

is it really works

shiv prakash bhat says:

Madarchod bhosdi ke mera speaker to Wadala Kaminey nangi chut

Ranjeet Kumar says:

I like u

Rohit Sharma says:

So nice Bhai so nice

Janusz popsuł usb says:

Idiot, battery inside of lightbulb

HandyHenry says:

How long will the bulb light how many minutes or hours can you say

R m k b says:

बेवकूफ बनाना सोड पेसैबनानाहै तो किसी सिग्नल परजा

Саша Русский says:

Сиотри мужик,чтобы тебя током не ебнуло………….


Aapka nambar mil sakta has a

Porimal Shit says:

Hey Bokachoda video kuch uska Sudharani

Domo Sudarma says:

itu kan bohlam yg ada batrenya, pake tangan juga bisa

Fazio Ashmead Mohammed says:

To create electricity with Magnet and copper wire there must be MOTION , like a bicycle wheel turning the head of the Generator

adorable project says:

Magnet jaruri hai

Aaron T says:

I make my own electricity generator. The solution turned out to be the Papziati Energy program online. It is the number 1 method to develop your own electric power. Google it.

Eloise Ong says:

so nice

Senpai Nation says:

That is emergency lamp
Ac dc lamp
With baterries

Aditya Kumar says:

Dhokhebaj h ye

Tony F says:

that could only possibly work on a DC bulb but I doubt it. not enough voltage, maybe squeeze out 2 or 3 volts but that is all.

Jasdeep Singh says:

Which rope you are using

V Amarnath Reddy says:

Impossible, I think there inside battery is provided, any one terminal is opencircuited , he simply made to short-circuit that terminal s

นัดราชบุตร จักตรี says:

ค.ว.ย.อ่านว่า ควายฉลาดหลอกกุไม่ได้หรอก

paulo capela says:

Hello, I’m Brazilian, take me a doubt, because this lamp goes out, if the magnets are static, should not I have a driving force first?

baburao gadekar says:

Nice Bro

Andy Boy says:

penipu macam babi

Celia Alves Ribeiro da Silva says:


ashwin alex says:

Aeee famous hogaya kyaa main to tum se bhee achaa experiment kieya hoo

Mirsad Halilovic says:


Madnesh Yadav says:

maignet se light jalane k liye kis type ka bulb lagata hai?

Mirsad Halilovic says:

Šta je sa prvim stavkom termodibamike? Odakle sustavu energija, ako nije tajna?

Gigi Silvera says:

Que ganas de hacer perder el tiempo a la gente con videos basura todo por un like o que se suscriban a su canal

Miguel Lona says:

chingas a tu putisima madre ya lo hice para probar y es una maldita mentira

Idolo Denaro says:

Ho provato tutti i tipi con vari magneti, ma non funziona nessuno, che tipo di lampadina bisogna usare?


Lol! Its inverter bulb

ali zaen says:

Chottya banarha he

Aayush Malviya says:


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