Epic DIY Light MOD: $1 DIY Awesome Reflector Speedlight Mod !!

Epic DIY Light MOD: $1 DIY Awesome Reflector Speedlight Mod !!


Eric Havard says:

But I like my Cheeto’s!!

cbyc2008 says:

I use the black foamie thing alot to flag and bounce the light, but all modifiers have limitations. This will be added to my arsenal. Of course nothing beats the ABR800 with vag. mini.Use it at an event Saturday and there was an ahole with cell phone following me around. got close and full power to the face. Needless to say he didnt follow me anymore.

Bill Chandler says:

Ken, I need a flash for my nikon’s with high speed synch that is not going to break the bank. Any suggestions, as always great video’s and ideas on affordable gear…thanks

Luyang Che says:

Are self laminating sheets as good as a laminating machine?

Peter de Jong - Raziëls nl says:

For a few bucs with free shipping also on eBay.

DiaperStriker says:

This is really mean of you to make this kickass diffusers. You are going to put Gary Fong out of business and that low life bum won’t be able to panhandle his Gong Fo diffuers anymore to Fony photographers.

Dave White says:

I have been using these for Years, Really nice gent that makes them

K2 says:

Every time I make one of your DIY mods, they always give off an Orange glow. Just tried this one, same dame thing. Tried again removing the Cheetos from the equation, yeah so, I like Cheetos, and it worked! Finally!!! Why is my “D” orange? I blame that on Kardashians.

Bob Jimenez says:

try tossing a little jumbo size glitter above the flash right before it fires……cool effect

Kate Miller-Wilson says:

Yay! You have the best ideas!

Jimbo Jacob says:

Hahaha.. That is what I use when covering at music festivals 🙂

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