DIY Water Valve Light Switch.

Today I want to share with you how do I make water valve switch. This is not easiest way, but this is how I do it.
Music by Arc North and Misael Gauna


Matt Tester says:

I really like the idea of this one, never seen a valve used as a switch before. I wondered how electrically safe it would be but it looks perfectly safe.

Romelia Polly says:

My works too. Used woodprix handbooks and build it with no problems.


Is he tapping threads with a screw!!???

Plazaaz says:

What is that water valve piece called? Do you have a link? I couldn’t locate it anywhere online. Great video, thanks!

jtbmetaldesigns says:

A really clever project. Still cannot figure out what you did near the beginning with the bench grinder. What was the objective there?

Wendell Mendes says:

Beautiful work, man! I was wondering, it may be possible to switch this switch to a potentiometer and develop a dimmer?

Twisted Bones says:

Bad ass!!

Artur Ret says:

Nice tutorial, i want to make a lamp made from water pipes, and your switch is perfect for this. But where i can find these water valves ? I cant find nowhere in germany

LJA46 says:

What size screw did you use? I tried a #4 which seems to be too big.

Industrial / Loft Design says:

Good job! It can be seen that the master loves his job)

Matthew McCauley says:

Cool project! You need to invest in a tap and die set.

brotherbrian1 says:

Small helping hands

Nicky Wilkes says:

Hi, after making something very similar in the UK using your video, I would like to add;
If using that specific rotary switch be careful not to glue the metal part on the face part; it stops you being able to turn it both clockwise and anticlockwise. If it gets glued, it unwinds on anticlockwise. They are difficult to get in the UK; I had to import either from Germany or US through a work account.

As for the tap, I am still struggling to get one for less than £80! They seem to be called globe valves I think, which is different to a gate valve (
I struggled like hell with a gate valve bodge with a tap valve. Whilst not impossible, it is very difficult to mate the two parts I used and be perfectly aligned; I had many attempts.
I have so far found ( in the UK, which makes it about £20 by the time you have bought a gate valve too and swapped the bits out. If anyone in UK has found a supplier, please help… Everyone wants me to make them one and I had to buy 15 rotary switches to get them imported!!!

Also in the UK, make sure you earth it very well!

P.S. Thanks for sharing, I am a keen DIY’er and I could understand all the steps you made and why… but I didn’t use any glues and kept to the brass tap at 3/4 inch; would have been impossible any smaller and I think 1 inch would have been too big.

Mark F. says:

I really like the functionality of the design but I wonder about serviceability of that rotary switch if it ever fails. With the valve body JB welded in place like this it’s going to be a pain to get back out.

William Pratt says:

Thank you for posting and especially for the link to the single pole blacklight switch.
I just subscribed
Thanks again way kool

Jeff Tilley says:

I love this and want to give it a go, but can’t find the small rotary switch on line, doing a search brings up a huge amount of the wrong thing! Anyone any ideas or preferably links they can share?

Ezalor V says:

Volvo plz fix it.

aserta says:

Those switches aren’t exactly…reliable. I would’ve gone with a lobe design instead. It would also allow for replacement, which, this does not.

Same modifications on the tap, only, grind the rubber holder cup in to a lobe, then a simple momentary switch is placed under the lobe. Rotation moves the lobe over the switch activating it and deactivating it.

There’s no click, however, one can be added by soldering a small ridge over the side of the lobe where a springy piece of metal is added inside the hole. Each time it passes that, it would make the click, which, of course, it’s all optional.

Just my two cents on it.

madwilliamflint says:

Alright. This is great. But how do you get the valve piece out of it’s T-housing in the first place?

LEO1WOLF says:

Not sure what he was grinding with his hand/glove in the way. On other steps I’d have questions too. (I’m not a “monkey-see, monkey-do” type either.) So no parts list, no instructions, this isn’t for me. Too bad, because I loved the idea.

SimpleLife DIY says:

I wonder how hard it would be to retrofit a dimmer switch for this…

Ronald Chick says:

Nice Job, Much to complicated for what it is. I am sure the same results could have been achieved with much less work. I am in the business 50 + years and I try to utilize the concept of kiss to everything I do. I would also be easier for your novice follower to emulate. I hope and I am not trying to bust your bubble RC

Carson The Butler says:

Are you able to say what manufacturer produced your valve, and what type have you used?

Nothing2cHere says:

Having a hard time finding that switch. Any recommendations on name or source? Thanks.



Anthony Williams says:

Imagine this hidden in your basement alongside real pipes,turn it and it opens a secret compartment,or even a narrow hidden room

Сергей Chester says:

Зря кран покрасил, латунь с чугуном хорошо смотрятся.

Nunya Biz says:

Howdy!! This is a great video/great idea. Saw some folks below asked what kind of valve this is and I have the same question. I went to both home depot & lowe’s to try & find it, but no luck. I am pretty sure you’ve removed the mechanism from the fitting & we’re looking at the mechanism. Can you give us a hint with regards to the type of valve & where you got it from?


Roman Biller says:

Guys, thank you so much for all your comments and feedbacks. Working on Water Valve version 2.0
Stay tuned.

redwood1957 says:

why the jb weld on the bonnet wont this prevent changing switch if needed? Also research grounding

monstersf says:

Great project and video!! Thanks for posting.

minopausa Ulisse Nobody says:

Thumbs down for this shitty music <3

Eyad Eyad says:

thank u 4 sharing

hyuma hoshi says:

Hey, with the tester how you check if there are shorts and the switch works well?

Sean Davis says:

Would you mind putting a list of parts in the description?

What is that water valve piece called?

Karim Kamalov says:

Oh, so damn easy

zplitt says:

its impossible to find a rotary switch like this one..

Mr. Measure Twice says:

Nice build Roman!!

John Doe says:

the music was a total piece of shit

Robert Sawlewicz says:

i just built one the other day go to my channel, let me know what you think 🙂

Michael Bine says:

it the video, you have a bottle with a fitting. What is that fitting that will hold the bottle?

David Brown says:

That was excellent. I’ve just started searching for this…what a find. I want to use a residential water meter as part of a project I’m thinking about but want to make it so the meter dial works / spins when the light is on. Any ideas Roman? Great video. Thanks

aliver says:

0:32 you didn’t show the thread’s gone / 3:10.. why don’t you use the grip?? like it tho!

sean Collinsworthingtonshire says:

A lot of work going into something we take for granted.  Very nice job.

JerMyl flipse says:

Great idea! However, am I right in assuming this switch can only be used in a 12v circuit, not in a 220v circuit like we have in the Netherlands? If so I’ll probably need a transformer? Tips are welcome and thanks for answering!

Mathias Holmin says:

Should have use matt clear coat… It looks plastic. Im a plumber

TJ's Practical DIY says:

Nice vid bro. You get a like and sub from me. I did things a little differently but your valve switch is bullet proof. Well done. Would appreciate the reciprocal sub if you get a moment. I haven’t posted any pipe lamp vids but will in the future. Again… nice work.

5uwkn4 says:

That´s a very dangerous construction. Modifying a switch in this way can be fatal.

SanguinarySteel says:

I’ve learned nothing I didn’t know already and I’m dumber now after watching. You literally did this the hardest/lamest way possible. And that “music” is stuck in my head now, thanks.

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