DIY Vanity with Dimmable lights for under $250 (50 Inch Vanity)

Hey Yall! So I made this HUGE 20 bulb, 50 inch Vanity all by myself and I love it. It was actually really easy to make and I did it under $250.00. This mirror has a dimmer so you can adjust the lights and its big enough so you can see your full outfit. I am not a professional but I did get a lot of information from an electrician. If you are planning to make this be sure to be careful and if you are under age make sure an adult is able to help you. I hope yall love this video!


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Cieloazul85 says:

I´m exhausted just watching the video. You did an amazing job.

Sahar Leister says:

So I’m building this exact vanity and so far I have bought everything you used except for the mirror. I literally can not find the same exact size mirror anywhere. They’re sold out all over and I truly believe that it’s because so many people recreated your vanity lol. I only found one that is the same size and it’s $180 at Lowe’s so I’m just gonna try to get it cut at a local glass company. Anyways, thanks for this video. This is literally my dream vanity and I’m so excited to say that I’m working on it this very second.

Zariyah Natalya says:

She said “easiest diy ever” lol nice joke

SkinnyDee FIT says:

Damn you did that honey

Sapphire Cox says:

You are brilliant and beautiful!

Alondra Valencia says:

Girl what about the ground wire, you’re going to electrocute yourself!

Brooke Brandon says:

This is soooo awesome! I want to try this!

Gaby says:

I absolutely love how hers turned out, but does anyone know how I can do this but without mounting it to a wall? My vanity is in front of a large window so I’m trying to make a stand alone mirror but none of the tutorials I’ve seen are this detailed nor this refined!

Juan Mejia says:

what did you do with the ground wires?

Salma Laurent says:

Can you link your supplies I can’t find the 2 pack of lights anywhere on amazon for that price

Bri meme says:

explained so very well!! thanks!!!

rockybia58 says:

How do you get the dimmer to fit inside and be flush

Jena' says:

You could have just cut the wires at the corners and connected them that way to eliminate all that extra wires you have there.

Mia Contreras says:

What size frameless mirror did you get ?

Sonali Shah says:

Hi, thank you so much for the wonderful video! I have a few question
1) if the mirror is 42”x36” then the 8 light vanity strip that is 48” wide doesn’t cover the 50” width of the mirror & the side vanity strips.
2) if you have put the mirror clips on top and sides, why is there no gap between the mirror and the vanity strips?
How did you manage to remove the gap of the mirror clips and how did you fit the top vanity strip in line with the side strips?

Soemarie Morin says:

My dimmer didn’t fit

truthja says:

nothing like a handy woman

Kierra Miller says:

You got my hair on fleek, meals on fleek, workouts on fleek and now you got me building! Bish giving me life with every video.

EliSmiles says:

That’s a lot of work! Props to you. Came out beautifully


Retractable cable I hope ya’ll enjoy I DIY’d this super adorable vanity mirror with lights for super cheap!! Hollywood Style LED Vanity Mirror Lights Kit sf609

Selemundo says:

Can you put the links up for the chrome vanity lights

KrysDior says:

This is hands down the best diy vanity tutorial! Bomb

Veve Vent says:

Women power

Lizette Medrano says:

What’s the mirror measurements

Kaycee Simon says:

Where is the table from?

Tina I says:

I swear you’re the best !

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