Hi guys! I recently decided to do a little DIY project with my dad for my room. I’ve been wanting a vanity for the longest time, but could not get myself to spend $200-$300 on a vanity. I was looking online and figured I could make one by myself for under $100! I hope you enjoyed this video and definitely thumbs up and subscribe to see more videos from me!

Products Used:
➞(2) Westinghouse 4 Light Bath Bar 24in $13.99 each:
(*Price went up a little, but still very inexpensive)

➞(2) PVC Tile Edging (L Shaped Channel) ~$2.99: @ HomeDepot

➞Mirror 24″x30″ $19.98:

➞(2) 12 ft. Extension Cord $6.87:
(*price went up online, but check at your local HomeDepot or Lowes for cheaper ones)

➞(3) EcoVantage Halogen G25 White Decorative Globe Light Bulb $8.00 for 3 pack, you will need 3 packs:

All products add up to roughly $90! 😊

I did end up getting a remote for the vanity as well but did not include it in the video as it didn’t come in on time!
Here is the link: (You get extras because you only need 2 but it doesn’t make sense to buy the single for 10$)
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xoxo, ♡ SimplySandra

⚑DISCLAIMER: I am in no way a professional electrician, so if you need any type of help or have questions and concerns contact a professional! This is just what worked for me! ✌


Roxzanna Gatoloai says:

Where can I purchase those orange cones???

Johanny Marte says:

The mirror you have is 24″ L x 30″ W but that one is not available at the Home Depot where I live. Does it matter if I purchase one that is 24″ W x 30″ L?

BeautyForAshes says:

Do these bulbs get hot? I recently started using LEDs and they are cool to the touch so they don’t emit heat. It’s horrible trying to do your makeup in front of a mirror with heat coming off the lights!

dj fish nipples says:

Question: in order to turn this off would you have to unplug the extension cords used to wire the lights?

Johanny Marte says:

How do I hide the extension cords?

ashley lugo says:

this actually looked alot simpler than I expected!!! can’t wait to try it

Leisa Adventures says:

Awesome! It came out very nice.

Amy Rubio says:

Where did you get the table!?

Nicholas Breecher says:

If you’re doing this buy whats called “NM Cable” or “ROMEX Wire” instead of an extension cord. the reason is there will be three wires, connect the white to white, black to black, and then you need to attach the bare copper wire to the other bare (or they may be green) wire in the fixture. This is important to do because it does what is called “Grounding” the fixture which is a safety thing to make sure that if a problem occurs you aren’t going to receive a dangerous shock.

zoey funderburg says:

okay since she got two of the light strip things does that mean you need two extension cords to wire both of the light strips. idk if that made sense

Justin Long says:

It’s called a wire nut

Jessica Macias says:

thanks, it come out great.

Victoria Johnson says:

I love the way this looks but im curious if not having lights above the mirror makes a difference? Please let me know xx

Elizabeth Martinez says:

so just making sure u need two extension cords one for each side right ??

Amy Rubio says:

Where did you get your table!??

The Almaari says:

This so so easy!! Thanks Sandra, we’re totally going to recreate this!

Raquel Martinez says:

Love it thank u

Vivian Valle says:

what did you use to make sure the mirror stuck to the pvc tile

Annie Backs says:

Love this!!

Lan yang says:

I really hope you will answer!!! Will I need another extension cord for the other side of the light bar???

The Siren says:


Amie Visser says:

Waar heb je die twee plaatjes vandaan waar de lampjes op zitten ?

jenn gonzalez says:

Im running to home depot rightnow!

Nayelli Duran says:


Mia Faith says:

How do you turn it on and off?

Jose Gutierrez says:

I maid one for the wife with her name engraved an a make up quote since she is a hair an make up artist thanks for the ideas .

Maxy Services says:

Where did u get the mirror? What size ?
The desk i know is from Ikea.

Thanks 🙂

Vicente Martinez says:

What did you do with the extra ground wire that’s not screw down on the light bar

Cristy Foskey says:

we are doing this for my daughter this week and buying everything from your comments. I do have one question though how are they dimmable? We were going to go with some lights on amazon that were LWD and just place them on a framed mirror but I like this better. I just can’t figure how they would be dimmable?

Megan Hutchinson says:

Where can I find a desk like yours and what is the size of it?? Please help as soon as you can because I want to make a vanity for myself soon

Maria Romero says:

Where did you get your mirror?

Jessica Barnett says:

OMG thank you! I have been redoing my beauty room on a budget and this will help me so much!

nathalia davila says:

what’s your intro song

Ezzy loves makeup Esmeralda Acevedo says:

amazing!!!! i was ready to save up for a 350 dollar one but after watching this video i am totally going to be building my own thank you!

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