DIY Vanity Light Mirror – Easy & Quick (LisaPullano)

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Additional sneak peek of my vanity:
Materials to make a quick and easy vanity light mirror from the hardware store like Lowes or Home Depot:

♥Vanity Light Bar Selection:
$10 X 2 – I used two 3-Light Chrome Vanity Light Bar:
6-Light Chrome Vanity Light Bar:

♥$8x 2 – I used two packs of GE 60 Watt Incandescent Globe Light Bulbs:
(Look for globe light bulbs and avoid soft white light bulbs because it produces a yellow glow. Not ideal for doing make-up.)

♥Frameless Mirror Selection:
$20 – I used a 30 inch x 24 inch Mirror:


♥Extension Cord:
$4 x 2 – I used a 15 inch cord:

♥$4 x 2 – I used 6 packs of Command Large Picture Hanging Strips:
(1 pack per vanity light bar)

♥Outlet Adapter to connect two or more vanity lights to wireless remote:
$4 – I used a triple 3-wire outlet adapter:

♥$20 – Remote Lamp Control:
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DIY Wall Art Light:
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What I use to film and edit:
Camera: Canon T4i
Lens: Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 AT-X116 Pro DX Digital Zoom Lens and Canon 50mm
Light Kit:
Ring Light:
Final Cut Pro X Editor


Xyah Mcgough says:

she’s smart afff

Yahaira Barbosa says:


Alyse Martin says:

This was so easy and affordable! I tried it today and it’s a complete dream. Thank you, thank you!

Love Child says:

Please get your hubby or boyfriends ladies or a guy friends if you are unsure at all…

Sonay Borum says:

I’m so excited to start this project I promise you I’m going to record it I’m going to tag you in on it I need to find you on Instagram and again thank you so much I’m so excited.

GCAntonioQ says:

Dude. You made this incredibly easy and super doable. You my friend are a lifesaver. Doing this project next

Alyssa Bounds says:

So I was trying to find the light bulbs but they’re not at lowes anymore (or not at mine I suppose) are there any other recommendations you have? Or anyone really? Thanks

LessBodyMoreHeart Erika Harkins says:

Love this!! Thanks for the helpful info. I am putting mine together tonight and will tag it on instagram for you to see!

Beyond Berlin says:

You didn’t show how to attach the second Hollywood light, do I need another extension cord?

fashionlovebykim says:

thank you so much what a great idea!!!!!

Love Child says:

Okay first of all this is awesome and thank you! I am so happy now! Also for the below comments there is nothing confusing about this at all! The light isn’t going into a wall so it is making a plug so we can use it by our mirrors, and yes the covers for the wires come with it… Also you make two plugs for each light and you can plug into the power bar or a optional remote plug but make sure to buy those extra two or three plug in things for the remote so u can plug in more than one light. .

Aramaya Adorn says:

How did you attach the mirror to the wall please? Or is it attached to your table?

Drew Ogle says:

this is the easiest tutorial for these mirrors I think I’ve ever seen!!!

Meg Green says:

Not only that you are beautiful Darling but you are also an accomplished electrician, Amazing hahahaha! Bravo! thank you for the work, you have now two kinds of knowledge in your folders or belts. I’ve had fun watching you! keep it up! 😉 beauty and brain!……

Queenfayth says:

Do the wire caps come with the vanity bar ?

Brian Marq says:

How did you get the mirror up on the wall?

Love Child says:

I would love to see how you store your make up, please?!

Brandi Nicole says:

Okay… So I’m doing this whole process right now. I was just about to put the command strips on the back of the light, but I dont know where to put the command strip, beings that there is like a one inch space on the back of the light, to where the strip won’t even touch the wall. I hope that makes sense. I’m bout to cry. Someone helppppp!!!!!

Mary Kim says:

Hi Lisa,Your instructions were very clear and I’ve assembled everything and got it working. However, I was wondering would it be possible to add a light dimmer? I found one online called the Lutron Credenza for $12 … but it’s not remote. I wouldn’t know how to connect the wires since it’s the dimmer on one end and the power plug on the other. Do you know if or how this would work?

Nue0818 Kue says:

where did u get the end caps at?

Love Child says:

Yes you need to make it a plug so yes to the comment below . . Or tie it into one. .

Beyond Berlin says:

Please someone tell me idk what to do with the second light bar, I need a second extension cord?

Simone Doherty says:

The mirror looks great but this method is pretty dangerous. I would never cut or mess with wires like this because it would be very easy to do it wrong. You could also short circuit the entire house/building and potentially fry other things plugged in around the house. That’s why electricians spend years studying to become qualified! I love your creativity but I hope that other viewers think of potential consequences before running out and copying you.

Melissa Cline says:

Girl you are amazing! Love your vanity too. Fingernails are adorable!

Angelica Rodriguez says:

Wow Lisa, my daughter Loves your whole set up!!! We’re going to do the vanity set up right now, also…. She’d like to see how you made your make up set up too. Do you have a video on that too by any chance? THANK YOU!!!!

Mojo Craft says:

Always use the right tool for the job -.-

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