DIY Tumblr Light Up Sneakers | rosaliesaysrawr

DIY Tumblr Light Up Sneakers | rosaliesaysrawr
Try these Super Affordable & Easy Light Up Shoes for your next Party!
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***If you’re going to try these out, remember to purchase two sets of these!***
LED Strip Lights:

God Bless n.n

Disclaimer: All rights to their rightful owners. I don’t own any of the music or brands. All opinions and suggestions are my own. Thank You.


Auguste Tauraite says:

i want them so much i wull die for them

Destini Hannans says:


Recep BOSTAN says:

Can I get name of song ?

nathan gaming natan says:

what is the song on first

alesa jehad says:

i doont love ggozn

bvollmannn says:

hi. how can you do that can you do it in a diffrentway

PinkLoverEmma MSP says:

she didn’t copy anyone this came from tumblr so stop being butthurt and saying “SHE STOLE THIS FROM ANNIKA VICTORIA!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!!1!1”

alesa jehad says:

watr no ds in chooz

Gaming Cu Raisa says:

0:01 song name pls?liked the vid no worries

sub to my new chanal called festive says:

sorry every one but what is the song at first

Alma Bravo says:

these are cool

Florence costley says:

Turn them off

Aimee Rice says:

Where did you guys get the LED lights??

Nintendo Gamer says:

What this song theme ???

robie bag says:

HI there rosalie let me first say you have such a pretty name . I love light up sneakers too . I don’t have a pair though cuz I ain’t got the money but maybe I’ll get one some day . hey by the way are you Hispanic ? you’re so pretty and I love the way you had your hair in the video and your make up too . I’m a guy by the way .

Glitterforever267 says:

I subscribe

Lilly Mills says:

but I’m not a hater I love hem too

Katie pink says:

EPIC !!!

Kahyla Brambila says:

do you have to buy two light packs, or does it already come with two battery packs??

Randy Lemay says:

cool sneaks where can you find the lights at a store thanks

ANDU Jimenez says:


The Weird Giselle says:

where can u find the led lights in storea

Ashlee Salmon says:

I have those

Tomas De La Cruz says:

what that song call

Ty PokPokémon says:


Stela Albuquerque says:

It starts at 0:53 thank me later!?!?!

Joeslny Gomez says:

love them my friend gots them

Clara Murillo says:

that’s cool

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