DIY Triangle “Ring” LED Light

Tired of LED ring lights? See how I made a triangle LED light for videos/photos! This is a dimmable, bright light that can be used for makeup videos, product shots and so much more.

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The Build – 1:54
Wiring Diagram – 4:05
Power Options – 7:23

LED U Channels ►
90 CRI LED Stripes ►
80 CRI LED Stripes ►
Box For Electronics ►
Red/Black Wire ►
Dimmer ►
DC Input Jack ►
12v Power Cable ►
12v Battery ►
Cable for 12v ► Battery
USB Battery ►
Adapter for USB ► battery
L Bracket (hardware store)
Strap wood (or 3/4″ small lumber from hardware store)

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Summer2015 says:

I made 1000th click on thumb up. Haha

Dose Silveri says:

I definitely prefer the look of a ring light in an actors eyes but still this is pretty cool/different.

Floris Fiedeldij Dop says:

one mirror behind it, and then 2 way acryl mirror in front, and you have a 3d infinite lamp 🙂

Jay Malone says:

Cool build! Great job, I’m just not a fan of lighting a person like this. Just not my style of lighting.

Jarek Wasilewski / JarekWPhoto says:

Do make more of those.

ThatChristianVlogger says:

illuminati confirmed!!!

Jack Wu says:

that’s cool

Josh Zytkiewicz says:

Instead of soldering, consider getting the LED connectors that clip on.  The clips will allow you to reconfigure the strips into different shapes, squares, pentagons, crosses, etc.

Another idea, use the Philips HUE light strips, more expensive yes, but almost limitless colors and voice control.

David Schwartz says:

Great video and channel man !!!
Say if I wanted to shoot a portrait of a person standing at 1.5 meters (5 feet) from the light. What exposure do you get at max light levels ? Say something like 1/50 @ f/2.8 ?

Kirollos El-Wardany says:

awesome and easy <3

footycheck says:

great stuff

Punished Props says:

Dude this is awesome!

El camionero geek says:

Good job

narasena says:

Please tutorial lighting talking head shoot for person use glasses

Simon Hildebrand says:

is there flickering when using higher framerates because its a switching dimmer? nice video by the way

Ryan & Kristin Project says:

Nice. I love DIY stuff! There’s so much more satisfaction out of building something instead of buying it.

James Hastings says:

How’s that Konica 40mm treating you? I use the 50mm f/1.7 a lot. I remember really loving the colours it gave me combined with my Panasonic G6’s sensor.

Simon Anderson says:

I love creativity and home diy in photography, great idea and video

Robert S says:

Simply awesome.

Shawn Chambers says:

Awesome. The only thing I would change is that I’d add some sides. Maybe 1″-2″ sides that were white on the inside so that you don’t have so much spillage. It’ll give you a better catch light with the LED’s.

EposVox says:

Oh man, been looking forward to more DIY projects 🙂

zach breaux says:

Huge thanks for posting this! I am in the process of making one for myself right now. I cut three 24″ 1x2s to make a triangle for the frame that I painted white to make the edges bounce some light. Tomorrow will be soldering and assembly!

Gilberto Saldivar says:

AWESOME! I love these types of DIY projects. And I appreciate all of the links too. Keep them coming!

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