DIY Summer Hacks! Hack Along: Musical Sunglasses, Party Light, Phone Charger | DIY LIFE HACKER GIRL

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DIY hacks for summer! What do you do if you’re bored when school’s out? Hack together sunglasses, music, sunshine, iPhone chargers, crafts and solar light party jars… with some DIY engineering for summertime. Perfect for girls, kids, beginners, makers, crafters, lifehackers, and young engineers… let’s do this!!

DIY musical sunglasses. All you need are sunglasses, earbud headphones, and some colorful washi tape. The rest is easy. Hack them together with some of your own style and DIY decorations, then you’ve got your own way to listen to summer music and protect your eyes, while protecting your sunglasses from falling on the ground.

DIY pocket phone charger. For your iPhone, Android, or any other device that needs a charge when you’re on the go… this lifehack shows you how to engineer your own pocket charger from an Altoids tin, a 9 volt battery, USB car charger, not to mention some colorful crafty glitter, googly eyes, and pipe cleaner arms. If you’re a beginner, there are a couple tricky parts that require cutting the tin and stripping wires – it’s always a good idea to have an experienced adult help with these for safety.

DIY solar light party jar. This DIY hack lets you take the beach with you when the sun goes down. All it takes is a solar panel, jar and LED lights to make it work… but the fun part is when you add the disco ball, sand, and crafty decorations. It looks awesome and you can play it like a drum. There’s one part where you have to cut a hole in the lid, which can be a bit tricky if you haven’t done it before. Always smart to have an adult help with this part, and in general any time you’re using tools like a drill, pliers, or snips.

I hope you like learning these DIY hacks with crafting and engineering and that they’re useful for you this summer!


GoldieBlox is the award-winning children’s multimedia company disrupting the pink aisle in toy stores globally and challenging gender stereotypes with the world’s first girl engineer character. Through the integration of storytelling and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) principles, GoldieBlox creates toys, books, apps, videos, animation and merchandise; the tools that empower girls to build their confidence, dreams and ultimately, their futures.


jerard mosley says:

Hi I liked the phone charger the best

Sonja Perkins says:

Love the phone charger!

KateDragon says:

Sorry, I am still working on my English cuz it’s not my native language so I hope you’ll understand my comment. I really want to say something
Guys, I like your brand so much! I’m not an engineer but my dad and grandfather are, and that’s why I just adore this profession with all my heart! Engineers are my idols srsly. I only just graduated from the university (the Faculty of advertising) and I wrote my senior thesis on promotion of STEM-toys. And when I was searching for information I found your amazing brand. And I just fell in love with it. I really like your philosophy! This role model is wonderful! I really do believe that many of girls will be inspired by Goldie. At first they will be just playing engineers but then they’ll be like “hmmm, this is really interesting! I can choose it as my main activity!”. AND THIS IS AMAZING! At a minimum, they’ll got to know the idea of technical professions.
And I’m just crazy about your communications! I often referred to your brand in my thesis as an example of a good strategy. OMG you have got the main idea and all of your communications resonate with it. You have got a main character surrounded by friends (and that’s why children understand all the coolness of being an engineer), you have got an amazing web-site and it has beautiful colors that you use everywhere, you participate in exhibitions and festivals, you communicate with educational institutions and can talk both with children and their parents! This is such a great work!
AND YOUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL IS AMAZING! This is the place where all the children can spend their time both learning some cool stuff and having fun. Your doll stories, tutorials and cartoons are wonderful. OMG, you even invited Simone Giertz! I like her crazy robots ahahah, she is fantastic! And i am a big fan of the “Lightning strikes” song btw, it inspires me so much =) This is such an interesting content!
And this cute Goldie-girl is very charismatic. I hope she’ll become an inspirer for all the young engineers
I really, really, really respect you all. Your team is a diamond and your social mission deserves respect. You are doing such a great job and I wish you the best of luck! You are my heroes! <3

April G says:

hi am I the first comment

jerard mosley says:

Hi I liked the phone charger the best

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