DIY Smartphone Light Hack (one that’s actually useful!)

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In this video we’ll be creating an incredibly bright plug-in smartphone light, that absolutely dwarfs the one the phone already has!

Sugru (moldable rubber):

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USB OTG Cable:

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Voltage Step Down Board:

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3W Super Bright LED:

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nunya biznez says:

if you weren’t an apple-tard you wouldn’t need to make and carry another piece of useless shit to make up for the lack of quality. but hey, you’re british, so retarded, and how could you have known without being told or learning a lesson the hard way.

e5frog says:

Do you just dip the tip of the solder iron when soldering? That’s a recipe for cold solders, I recommend heating for about 3s with the wire attached for a proper bonding. For example the red wire from the microUSB connector doesn’t look very good, niether the ones on the LED plate – but that’s a big heat sink so it may need some longer heating.
But I guess it works for as long as you have the phone.
I guess you’re now in a situation “… where did I put that LED module I built that drains the battery faster…” as you probably don’t carry it along with you all the time – so perhaps a cheap rechargeable LED flashlight isn’t a bad idea.

Eric Riff says:

It would be perfect as a key chain.

Anthony GHB says:

This is a nice and simple project! Gonna work on it. Thanks!

Randomness says:

why would u do all this when you can get the otg cable and a usb light and its way way wayyyy brighter and just for 75 cents here is the link

Andy Bonitz says:


Just get a torch. Torches don’t waste phone battery, they are brighter, easier to hold, last longer, and you don’t need to make them.

Mr Jn says:

hey are you using sony experia?

LetoZeth says:

Does that Sugaru shit harden up eventually?
Or does it just stay as a soft clay?

GuitarMD Pittsburgh says:

OK, nice DYI project . . . But why not buy a 3 dollar mini LED flashlight from Harbor Freight. since ya’ still gotta’ carry the gadget,
and the flashlight ain’t much bigger . . .

Hana Kellogg says:

Is the micro knob stable for the most part or is likely to need readjustment? Since its dialed in to such a precise little window, it seems like any play in either direction would throw it off entirely if it can’t adequately hold its position

william maldonado says:

You should design and 3D print a better housing to make it look professional!!

Poatatasium Poatatogen PO2 says:

my phone has dual LED on the back — i compared it to my friends iPhones and androids and its way brighter

soundspark says:

“We increasingly use them like Swiss Army knives”
Until the boss says they are contraband and lies about the reason.
While I did not get unemployment after losing my last job, the truth came out during the appeals process.

The Duke of California says:

Began your pardon; I have an OTG & a WPS Antenna; was wondering what capabilities could I utilize this combination for?
Thanks for your time.

Daniel Stevens says:

not really a hack, more like a DYI

_D4RP_ says:


urbex2007 says:

did you watch the video before uploading? You seem to have loud music that is louder than your voice, so we can’t hear everything you say.

gr8fzy1 says:

I would be very worried about that Sugaru keeping the LED’s heat spreader from doing it’s job…

Michael Conklin says:

And what if your phone does not support OTG?

Charlie miles Manson says:

waste of time money and effort as you can buy cheap chineseium like this for less that a buck

Ian Rivlin says:

Burying advertising *in the middle of* the presentation is a slimey and grubby way to circumvent YouTube advertising restrictions. I have flagged this video and I hope that YouTube cancel your account.

BitNic says:

i am a simple man.
whenever i need flashlight
i just start recording.

Jb pabuna says:

my phone already has a FLASH and use it as a flashlight

Jason Coughenour says:

or you can download the app for a flashlight

palle dahlgren says:

Why not get flashlight app from playstore?

Eldeito Maguel says:

How is this DIY if we need to buy the stuff from you? Its just the same like other smartphone accessories then.

Robotic Nerd says:

Now a 10w led. Tis quite a challenge

Edwin Gonzalez says:

did this but added a little hole to add a string or something similar to put it on my keychain

Dylan lim says:

what phone are you using in this vid ?

Yama Arashi says:

sure of need an otg cable? why not a simple plug from a normal usb cable?

Bawb Lablaw says:

Why even bother doing this when most phones already have a plenty bright light built in, without fiddling with fragile wires and plugs?

Mixed Gears says:

I think it is fun to made, but USELESS. Why would you carry this nearby your phone.
1. the phone LED is usually just enough strong for 99% cases
2. and if you need stronger you just take a flashlight with its own battery.

AimDude says:

Love your channel <3

Dad_a_Monk says:

Wouldn’t it be MUCH easier to connect the micro USB to a continuous power supply, like a battery bank, and use a multi meter to adjust your variable step down? That way you aren’t playing the trial and error game.

origionalwinja says:

that was really cool! finally an actually useful DIY!!

Fletchmeister says:

Nice video well explained

Dilpreet Singh says:

useless video for me cose I m from India :/


the LED doesn’t need some radiator to cool down? It can be overheat I think.

Anson Mansfield says:

Note that the USB spec actually only allows you to draw 100 mA unless the device enumerates and configures the port for more current – you can get a small dedicated chip that will do this for you for pretty cheap though.

Hack spot An slow motion says:

I’m not doing it but it looks good

Pupsik Online says:

Oh! Z3 Compact! Right like mine! SUBSCRIPTION!!!

Fosi94 says:

Question: Why not use a micro usb charging cable instead?

MobileDecay says:

That would be great if your device doesn’t have flash! Can this shit be bought?

The Beardless Man says:

I know what my next small project is going to be now..

jan harald says:

won’t work on MANY many phones…
my phone has lollipop and no otg, for example…

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