DIY “Rings of Saturn” LED Pendant Light w/ Music Visualization Mode (controlled by Arduino)

I made this LED pendant light from plywood, LED strips, and flexible LED channel. Since I designed this for my living room, the music syncing had to be incognito. With this in mind, I used warm white / cool white / amber LED strips, instead of RGB strips. In solid white mode, the rings give off various shades of white for a sophisticated modern look that hides the wild side when you switch the light to music visualizer mode.

The build is fairly simple. Each of the two rings is made of a stack of three plywood rings, where the middle ring has a lesser radius to create a groove for the LEDs. The rings are simple to cut using a circle cutting jig and router. While I programmed an Arduino Mega to do music visualization based on input from a microphone, you can very easily buy an off-the-shelf music controller for individually controllable LEDs, which is basically plug n’ play for the LED strips.

Flexible LED Channel:

Walnut Plywood:

Circle Cutting Jig:

Dewalt Router:

Suspension Light kit:

Links to off-the-shelf LED controller and lights (this makes the mode switching, music syncing LEDs way easier to install), but note you’ll need a separate controller for each ring.

– LED Music Controller with Remote and power supply:

Use the above controller with one of the following three types of LED Strips:

– individually controllable warm white / cool white / amber (WWA) LED strips:

– Individually controllable temperature varying warm white LED strip:

– individually controllable RGB LED strip:

Links to LED Parts I used for the build:

SK6812 WWA Individually Controllable LED strips :

Arduino Mega Clone:

Electret Microphone:

RF receiver and remote:

Follow me on Instagram:

Very crude code for this project is here:


smallshinyant says:

stunning. Great job.

Thomas Stadel says:

Nice. I would have run the power through the steel wires instead.

SvetiNikola says:

Awesome bro!!

Shelly zhang says:

Just saw your post on google woodworking group, and then I entered your Youtube. What I want to say is, I have been impressed with your Youtube channel. And I am the manager at the Tacklife tools FB page, hope we can have the cooperation. Any reply would be appreciated, Thanks a lot!

The XXI says:

Great wood work. You should’ve gone with a three cable hanging system instead of 4, weigh dispersion and balance wise, 3 is enough, it also makes so all the cable have weigh on them and therefor are completely straight (here you clearly fucked up the length somewhere).

Now about the electricity, run it through one of the cables, you could pre-dip the cable into a PVC compound so you don’t get shocked if you touch it, and then spray paint the whole thing back to brushed steel for style. And probably do the same process for the three cables so it looks even.

I would’ve also tried to find led strips with leds more close together, and probably find a thicker plastic to cover it so the light dissipates nicely.

Gilly Squeezington says:

Yoo that looks good I’m going to have to steal that

soosai steven says:

This must look very cool if seen directly rather than in a video. Good job

Original map of Mexico says:

your designs are wicked amazing

Cody Makarevitz says:

very awesome dude! keep up the good work

Samuel Roberts says:

That’s pretty cool!!!
Thanks for sharing!!!!


Awesome job, man. Honestly. Awesome.

Ceci says:

I used.. ehhh, and than I ehhh, and after that I ehhh.. I have never heard anyone say ehhh, so many times.
Is someone up for counting??
Otherwise, great project.

Alan S says:

Super clean!

Jay Anderson says:

This looks amazing but it would be better if you find a way to hide the electric wire

Ashley Grenon says:

This looks incredible! Awesome work 🙂

Titanic Music says:

great video If you need any free music for your content, come glance through the playlist’s i have, i think they would really imrpove your stuff!

Brandon Clarke says:


JoceyVDV says:

That’s fucken dope . I’ll buy it off of you ! Or anyone that makes it

Walt S. says:

i wonder how it looks in the dark.

Daniel Schlotthauer says:

can you post a link to the arduino code?

las vegas life says:

Great lights!!! What is the name of the mounting hardware you used.
The metal wire used to hang the lights?

Original map of Mexico says:

is the song african?

Jürgen Fitzinger says:

You should have really used the steel wires to power and control the LEDs instead of those ugly black wires.
Otherwise great looking project.

Andrew James says:

Great job, looks amazing. Be great to see a video covering how you programmed the arduino

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