DIY Ring Light!

We build some DIY Ring Light Action, and talk about editing music!


Mosaic LED Strips:

Triune’s Music Packs:

APM Music:

The Music Bed:

Audio Jungle:

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Chris Mathews says:

Will this light flicker under certain shutter speeds?

Janek Kalninsh says:

Adjust the aperture speed to remove flickering

Regemark Films says:

hey Ry I love all your DIY lights but it kept me wondering, is there a DIY way to build a Kino Flo

akhil jijo says:

how to get ur music pack i dnt get it fromm videoo

pls sy

MZ. LUI RICH says:

What did you use to screw action pod on the the DSLR camera ? Anyone please answer this question thanks

lindseys lifeNstyle says:

This is a great idea! Beats paying $250 for now.. Thanks

Simon Stevens says:

From 4:25 to the end its a commercial

JayJay Louise says:

this is so clever definitely need to try this out x

Florian V.D. says:

production cost of that led strip is under 1$ the cables not more then 5$s wow they make alot of money

James Thompson says:

The orange flicker could be used for a campfire scene

Molly LouiseS28 says:

where did you get your action pod clamp? im having a hard time finding one thatll work with the cameras accessory shoe instead of screwing onto the bottom of the camera, thank you!

Abe Coulter says:

+Film Riot that guy in the back round SHHHHHHHH!!!! come one Ryan throw something at him, use a paintball gun, any thing please SHHHHHHHHHHH

Jeff Wingo says:

The way to get any color without flicker is to use three sets: one set to red, one to green and one to blue. Use the dimming to mix the colors to get what you want. I would add a fourth set and keep it white.

amejaremy says:

ha totally not bright so I would go with another 2 strips. …back to Lowe’s and another $50 in the hole oh ha if you don’t just happen to have a fancy fully articulating clamp I’m sure they like only .50$ or maybe more like $20 so there you have your ultra cheap $125 monstrously ugly ring light. Orrrrr maybe check online for a Chinese knockoff. I would recommend that, or a completely different design. Thanks for watching!

Full Moon Creative LLC says:

Always great work from you and your team! Love it

L. Jane says:

Honestly, you werent even speaking english at 0:25 were you?

jay kelly says:

Wow he was talking fast in the intro 0 to 100 real quick!!

Hermit the Hustler says:

The way he talks so fast is cool, right? I mean it’s totally not annoying or anything. Right?

Anthony says:

the light colors at a fair I saw them for 10 $

SpelNörden 1.0 says:

Whats DIY means?? it is mean Do It Yourself or something

Brett says:

For a site, such as free play music, you cannot make money from it, does that mean can cannot get revenue from advertisements as well?

AirsoftWarfareHD says:

You can buy an actual LED ring light from ebay for around the same price and it doesn’t look like a hacked up happy meal toy

TehKillerKitteh says:

how to do this another way: flashlight, and a mirror OR an adjustable lamp

Foto Mercato says:

Oh my mom talks like a machine gun and moves like an octopus

Jay Raphael Jiao Inot says:

the advantage of these ring lights is that it is useful if you are close to the cam.disadvantage is that when you are afar your face kindda looks like a silhouette!

caleb walz says:

Turn on the CC when he talks hahahaha

Creative Planet Janet says:

There is no video!  Only a 30-second commercial !  Why?!

UniqueFashion333 says:

I’m gonna try this

amejaremy says:

around $30 when the Web page you show says $40 and then I’m going to guess plus tax? so more like $45 plus well $5 to get there and home. So this is more like a minimum $50 investment just for one part of this DIY. …..let’s see how much more this will cost….and resume!

AllieZero3 says:

Josh is Supper Sexy!! 😉

Joris says:

How about those hue LED lights?

Cam Mueller says:

buy these from china for like $5. you can get them on eBay or

JP Cantalino says:

That’s not at all bright enough.

Alex Dorrity says:

this is so sick! i really want to try it

Ben Press says:

Dude are you kidding? It’s pronounced Sil vane ya. What planet are you from, really?

Emma Hansson says:

what type of action pod pack did you get ? 🙂

EIKO says:

Put some tinfoil inside the frisby and it’ll be a ton brighter

M A X A M I N A says:

quick question about lighting… if I use natural light, how close should i be to the window??? should i sit right by the window or 10 feet away… etc etc??? thanks in advance 

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