We sat down with the queen of all tech to DIY our very own ring light on a budget! See how it performs and learn a bunch of other lighting tips in Maya’s video coming tomorrow (the 9th!)

Supplies you may need!
Clear Tubing (3ft):
LED Strip Lights:
Cold Shoe Adapter:
PVC Coupling:


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Antoinette Watson says:

It went pretty great! I used a smaller piece of vinyl tubing with an actual connector and added suction cups to use this one for better makeup lighting

Mo Bennett says:

Thanks girls i made one of these and I love it. However, maybe let us know which side is the best side to cut on because if you cut it in the wrong place and try to place the shoe then you might run into a problem…but it was a easy fix… Thank for this video

EbonyGirlSpeaks Beauty Naturally® says:

I really like this one and it’s easy to make too!

BecomingPardo says:

Best idea ever! Its awesome to see other YouTuber’s helping one another.

Epîphanÿ Ariël says:

aww she so little

charlotte aux bisous says:

I LOVE IT!! AMAZING!!! FML I’m so excited to make this

Nia4Luv says:

Can you please do a video on how to use the Sony HDR-AS200V?? and what type of ring light is good ? Thank you your videos are extremely helpful!!!

krystle dawn says:

Best tutorial for this that I’ve seen since you put the clamp on. so nice! I’m over here trying not to spend 100 hundred dollars on a possibly crappy crapoy ring light and this I think is going to help me so much because My main thing is such crap lighting.

Siddarrth World says:

that middle girl is like wtf is going on lolol hahahahahahah

Elimisha Williams says:

I did a diy ring light with products all from Walmart probably spent about $30.00 and it sucked.. first it looks so bright of coarse bc its so close to your face.. but you will need an extension cord bc for it to be so bright while filming it will need to be right next to your face

IG: Belizean__babydoll

liquid lies says:

You should add some foil to make it reflect the light foreword

LilMissPopChild says:

$200 for a ring light?? Now I know y’all are Canadian and I’m American but I could get a ring light here for $60! I don’t think we’re that off from Canadian prices!! Where did you look!! Wow!

Cooking With A Little Spice says:

Awesome video

Soul Food says:

Can I use Christmas lights in the tube?

Raff Tzan says:

This is so ghetto. Face a window and your problem is solved.

Everyday Emma says:

Did you know that if you put tin foil on the back then it reflects any light that’s going the wrong way so you get maximum light! Thanks I might do this

Jessica Wolf says:

The link to the polycarbonate tubing is wrong. I used that link to order it and I got a hard tube, not flexible.

Abia-kyarna says:

this light is so pretty

Kelly Cho says:

Do a light up vanity mirror. PLEASE AND THANK YOU

Flairelle says:

This is awesome.

Gabrielle Archambault says:

Hey just so you guys know, I ordered the tubing that your link led to, but when I got it, it wasn’t flexible tubing, it was really stiff and doesn’t work for a ring light. Idk if they changed the product but I wanted to let you guys know.

TinygirlBighair says:

Maya is so adorable!! Her amazement! I’m so tempted to try this!

VoltageBoltz says:

ooh YAAAS girl.

Hector Kayman says:

What is this? A Comcast job, 1 person is doing all the work while other 2 are watching…lol

Nice DIY project though.

Xc Pl says:

did anyone try this? how did it go? also I saw another diy ring light where the girl used aluminum under the lights is that necessary?

jake Galgo Jr. says:


Karlene.TV says:

I travel a lot and always struggle with being able to light my videos on the road. Super excited about this! Thanks!


The part where you use the hot shoe adapter is really nice. I had seen a video of DIY perk and Rulof which was great. But bot of them mounted it on the lens. Of course, the purpose was different. Maybe I can put both of these ideas together. (Its a bit odd to comment here because I scrolled all the way down to see only women here)Please don’t make fun of me.

Jennifer White says:

not all the parts are listed. also, the links are to the wrong tubing.

ThenThereZ Mel says:

hey ladies, quick question did that LED light come with the adapter?

Jackie Lopez says:

what is the adapter thing you plugged in the LED lights to?

BcPrettyGirly says:

GREAT idea and affordable too! I’m here from SHAMELESSMAYA’S channel. I say your collaboration and immediately came over to get the 411 on how to make this light. Thanks for sharing and I will link my vid when I make my own.

FashionFundi says:

You guys helped me so much! so excited to make this for my makeup tutorial

havefun with varnika says:

hi guys you can just cut a cardbourd and paste fairy lights on it to make a ring light

Lindsey Marie Joyce says:

awh haha maya reminds me of winona ryder during david harbour’s speech !!

Music And Beauty TV says:

Great idea, but how would I go about putting this on a stand? To use it just like the standard ring light?

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