DIY planted aquarium LED light

How to build a planted aquarium LED light the cheap and easy way.

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Sonny Burnett says:

Hey Joey, thx for the video…. How many watts has the flood light used on the video? How many lumens? Thx in advance

Undead Rat Mother says:

lol i thought the brighter light was the name brand. That’s comfoting that diy can be better

David Paison says:

It would be awesome if you linked to this light or a similar one, so that we could see what it was that we were looking for. There are a plethora of lights and I’ve found one that sounds similar, but I am not sure of the specs of this light to compare it.

Neill Jansen van Vuuren says:

Will any flood light work?

Z17 says:

it looks cool

ILikePewPewin says:

What’s the water droplet looking thing at 2:39? (Left side of the tank?)

Kayden Sayers says:

Why don’t you make two ten gallon tanks and put a bridge in the middle of each tank so fish can swim from tank to tank

Rossy's Reeftank Aquariums says:

Hello, Joey! Great video. Liked and Subscribed!

Shanti Hietkamp says:

I did this DIY and used the 30w on my 15g tank. Its looking really good!

Sakib Mahmud says:

I checked some FLOOD LIGHTs on Amazon. Why all of them saying “OUTDOOR USE ONLY” ??

Albert Patrick David says:

how about alternative cheap lighting for nano reef tanks?

xSean145 says:

what kind of wavemaker are you using? i really it because its so small.

Edgar Moreno says:

Do these types of fish tanks require less water changes than regular fish tanks ?

razorXblueXeyes says:

60 bucks for a light !!!?? Jesus !! not cheap !! 15 bucks is cheap….10 bucks is cheap ….

Pete Norman says:

hi I’m looking to buy these lights for my 6x2x2 aquarium I’m planning on having it planted how many and what wattage should I get cheers

rez Ghebra says:

my friend you say easy is not I like it

Dan Pham says:

I wished you linked us . 🙁

epicfailure42 says:

Did you solder the wires ?!

Duncan Houston says:

Hey Joey! I was just wondering are the cool white LED lights just as good as the RGB LED lights for planted aquariums? I saw you can get flood lights in both and forums have different answers as to what works…. I’m a bit stuck!… also what clamp do you use for the microphone gooseneck to the aquarium? Thanks heaps!!!

Mine Boss11 says:

Says he will replace the lights in most to all of his builds because its cheaper, Well probley not for the arowana because its lights are flower pots with lights inside.10 points for creativeness

Bob Fussell says:

What type of air pumps are you using?

Bensker says:

Is there a playlist with this whole project’s DIY series in it?

Brayden KT says:

can you get a octopus

bentlikeitsmaker says:

if you had chosen the ones with leds similar to the kessel aka point source would cause more shimmer and penetration for deeper tanks it was cause the leds were spread out not a single point source like some of the others are

Robert treboR says:

Really waiting on an update. I have the lights in my amazon cart ready to buy. Just want to see how they are doing for you. need cheap grow lights for my 130gallon

rajeevpandrangi says:

How many gallons is your tank in this video? +The king of DIY

Flayvex says:

It would be nice if someone could comment the link to one of these lights under my comment!

Corey Black says:

I just transferred (two months ago) my reef tank from a 10gal to a 40gal, when I was looking into lights I chose the Kessil A150W for the nano because of the shimmer, spectrum and reviews, the main reason was because I wanted the shimmer (imagine swimming in the ocean, you get the shimmer across the sand), I think for a planted tank you may not want that as it doesn’t seem natural, visually anyway, I need another light for my reef tank now and I might consider this for my next one, a helluva lot cheaper, just hope it works for a reef system, how’s the saltwater build coming along anyway? I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes 🙂
Take it easy mate, love your channel, long time watcher but new subscriber 🙂

bentlikeitsmaker says:

for cords at home depot they make a grounded 9 ft power tool relacement cord for cheep with one end just bare the other a male connector for 9 bucks insted of chopping up cords

bentlikeitsmaker says:

and for a true home made light look into phillips led modules at 150 lpw so way more output but way less power and heat

Paul V. Rotondi says:

Hey Joey, Can you provide a link for the particular lights you’re using? I would love to use this kind of lighting (and the LED Strip lights you made in previous videos) for my Fishroom racks. Thanks again!

The king of DIY says:

Im airing this video a few weeks early for you guys! I rushed to get this done in time, but will revisit it with results. With that said, the fully DIY nano tank build will be out first showcasing this same light and the growth i get with it.

Samuel Abraham says:

Anyone got a suggestion for a 30 inch long 20 gallon tank

Gina Maria says:

hey ive been looking for that specific floodlight u named and i cant find it on amazon. is there a link or something or can u give me the name again? thanks

Shayne Gadsden says:

ok im pretty good with lighting so to keep it simple the penetration of light is affect by the depth of water , colour spectrum and distance from the source both lights will penetrate the same is the lux at the water surface is equal and the same 6000k spectrum moving the light further or closer to the tank makes a huge difference 75% of the lux is lost per meter or a bit over 3 foot

bentlikeitsmaker says:

also look at 80 plus cri linlear highbay led lights if you want dimming capeabilities

foravis says:

Hello, I’m a big fan of your work and I always like to watch your videos. I have a question about light. I have a new tank witch is 100cm x 50cm x 60cm height. Do you think it will be enough 2x50w flood lights for plants or is it to much? Each light is rated for 5000lm, 6000-6500k. Thank you so much.

Brandon Raguz says:

If I have a 29g bowfront, do you think two 15w floods would work for a low-medium light tank? and could i wire the two lights together to one plug so i could put them on a single timer or would i need separate plugs?

SSJChar says:

i think i’ll try this. how do you recommend using two or more lights? each on their on power cord or is it permissible to put multiple on one cable?

Elisha Rose says:

Hey Joey, what are your thoughts on using LED shop lights for aquariums, like this one from Amazon?

SecularSoutherner504 says:

Whats your lights/co2 schedule?

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