DIY Nightmare Before Christmas LIGHT UP Garden

DIY Nightmare Before Christmas AMAZING Tutorial

Hello, today I’m teaching you how to make a Nightmare Before Christmas themed magical garden 🙂 it has a light up watering can, and deadly nightshade. Hope you have a lovely day, and I’m looking forward to doing more Halloween crafts with you ^__^

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Hello, my name is Jamie, I do art, “how to” videos, crafts, fun silly things, and random stuff.

I love Disney, Studio Ghibli, Nintendo, Mario, visiting fun places, my chinchillas, Da Vinci, fine art, laughing at modern art, and Merlin


Plieallday 4ever says:

Super cute!! I love the door <3 <3!

Fiona Claire says:

maybe add some rocks/pebbles at the bottom to help with water drainage for the plants 🙂

Lets-a-Go says:

so cool and cute

dwnmstrsn says:


Sophie Yiangopoulos says:

Can you do more halloween diys

J Jones says:

I Love the waterfall of lights!!! I also love when you do crafts!!! You are the best!!!

Rei Antares says:

this is so lovely!

Addy Rovirosa says:

You should make a coraline themed one!

tapgirl301 says:

That is such a fun idea! I love that you could just swap out the decorations if you wanted to <3

De -Vine says:

This is so cute❤ Love to see more of these types of videos!

Rose Krev says:

You should do pumpkin carving

Zoe Burnet says:

So talented love the nightmare before Christmas

Kate Anderson says:

Thank you for making this video

Kim Madsen says:

Oh I love this one!! Makes me want to make one!

Vincent Carr says:

“And then with the force of a thousand suns- *we stab it* ” lol i love your fun personality ♡

AleZza Says Hey says:


Davee na says:

Awesome Idea ❤

booleandilemma says:

are you still a mom nowadays?

Rose Davis says:

What a great idea!

Garance Art says:


dmndsol says:

You’re a brilliant artist.

Mikyla Carpenter says:

This looks so spectacular! I love watching you create things. 🙂 I’d love to see a video of you (and Tom!) carving pumpkins in honor of Halloween, if that interests you!

Totoro Catbus says:


valarie adams says:


James PhiLip says:

i love you so much i think you shold hav more than a million subscribers i watch at least 10 of your videos everyday

Caris Gertzen says:

Love it so much <3

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