DIY Miniature Park In A Flower Pot – How To Make Miniature Tree, Street Light, Bench

Awesomely cute mini world tutorial. In this video I show how to make a miniature tree, which looks like real, working street light and mini wood bench.

I start with a DIY Street Light. You will need a drinking straw, a light-emitting diode, some wire (I used old audio 2 core cable), coin cell (button battery) and a little clothespin to attach wires ends to the battery. So it will be easy to switch the light on or off.
I also show how to put this miniature street lamp in the flower pot, using decorative stones. So you will also need a terracotta pot and some stones.

The next is a DIY Miniature Tree. I really proud of myself, cause the way I’ve invented, makes it look really natural. So, you will need a dry branch, a green yarn (to make small pompoms), dried (by iron) green maple leaves and a hair spray.
I also use smashed dry leaves as a grass.

And the last DIY is a miniature bench. You will need toothpicks, superglue and brown watercolor paint. I found watercolors are perfect to make wood looks like real. This kind of paint is translucent, so it doesn’t hide the texture of the wood.

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Play Alexi says:

Lamp wow

Flores Tista says:


Alex Andrey says:


sartaj saquib says:

simply awesome

Diana Simeonova says:

Bravo! Super clypove !!!!

Elnur Gasanov says:


Jan Prosser says:

This is so lovely .xx

A.J. DeVial says:

Wow that’s amazing. I loved the mini park. Please do more videos like this!

Anka Dia says:

I love U….

Idiot Z yt says:


Junk to Fun Projects says:

I really like the street light and I will learn to make one in the near future.

Abigail Armenta says:

You are so creative also you should do animals or what ever your mind takes you

Esra Rufad says:

I love you

Gonnie van Engen says:

Kan je meer van die klijne dingen met lampjes verzinnen

Martina Z. says:


Mackenzie Coulter says:

u did awesome on the trees

Kim Happy says:

what wire is that your using please

Maja Novaković says:

so cool! ❤

Trés Chic says:

What editing software do you use?

DecorationCZ says:

Wow!!! Idunn Goddess i love you videos!!!(Sorry I cant speak english 🙁 )

lucinda yipfat says:

cool your mini street light, can i be your friend too?

Sajida Munawar says:

alles was du machst ist echt toll ♡ danke für diese coolen ideen

Гери Dinkova says:


bir minik dev says:

I love you idunn goddess

MOVIES 24 HDZ says:

Subscribe on channel

technopoptart says:

the lighting setup is dangerous, the dried leaves will go brown pretty quickly and the bench needs sealed, not to mention the rocks will get everywhere if there are pets or children about. it’s a cute project but not very well thought out

Aska Annisa Salsabina says:

you are so creative….. i proud with you… it can help me to do my school task….

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