Here’s the final video in our mason jar DIY series! Enjoy 🙂
Ikea Cord Set:

1 – large mason jar
– cord set
– lightbulb
– optional: metallic spray paint and hanging hook

Hammer and Nail


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Please note that we are not professionals and we do not claim to be. The crafts that we build have not been thoroughly tested and you should build at your own risk. We do not take responsibility for any harm or injury that may occur.


fds says:

You two are so sweet… how you finish each others sentences haha

Welch says:

Thank you! This was awesome!

king alf says:

love how technical your vids are – “the little round thingy” and “there’s a top part and another part”.. did you get inspired by assembly instructions from foreign countries ? ?

ch mexi says:

love this! I hate throwing glass jars away or sending to recycle I love glass and this is a great solution

Julie Suh says:

they’re so awkward

mikejessmax says:

Punching holes with a nail??? Have you guys ever heard of a hole saw?

joy silva says:

I wonder about the mason jar size…?

Brady Szabo says:

how can they be cheaper at Ikea if Home Depot doesn’t sell them, lol. Just kidding. Nice video, nice easy project.

amanda bane says:

Is this actually safe to keep on though? I don’t want to burn down the house

Feiloai Hill says:

next time use something to cover the ground when you spray paint

Maya C says:

This project was really awesome!! An ALTERNATIVE idea- instead of punching a bunch of holes in the metal and rubber lid (which was really hard for me) i used a DVD case (NOT a plastic CD case) and made a circle the same size at the lid and cut a hole in the middle. It works just as well (: i really enjoyed the video!!!! great idea!

Victor Arquieta says:

Awesome you girls are fantastic thank you!!

bkilpatr100 says:

Ever heard of a drill or a hole saw?

harvi triandi says:


Lucia Sosa says:

oh no, can you guys please spray paint over a disposable surface next time? you’re gonna poison the plants/soil.

dyme maclaine says:

so adorable

Elias Jacob says:

Instead of punching the little holes you can use a can opener 😉

Chae Seo says:

beautiful background

Cesar Merino says:

what size of jar in OZs do you use?

michael crider says:

Thanks for the ideas! Ive made alot of these lamps from goodwill lamps and they are never the same project, you always have to figure out how the heck to make it work. Thanks so much for the ikea idea! Ive been looking around everywhere for one that easy to do! Great video!

Jacqueline Miranda says:

buena idea

power moves says:

you girls are hotttttttttttttt

eric maurer says:

not enough ventilation to keep the bulbs from overheat and short lifespan. deffinitely keep to lowest wattage bulbs.

James Enciso says:

what is the background music?

Taisto Uuslail says:

You are lovely, but it’s ugly to paint plants like that.

Lamp looks nice!

Hussein AL Ateyat says:


Jacqueline Miranda says:

buena idea

Kat Rose says:

What’s the song in the background called?

M Garland says:

Love it!!

Katie Eckler says:

for some reason the light cords aren’t available for online purchase

tgroman5 says:

totally not sponsored by IKEA

Orne Kane says:

Its 3 years later, and Im wondering how to get a cool rustic vintage wall lamp for cheaper than 40 bucks online when this video comes up.. wow thanks girls. U saved me couple bucks.

Feiloai Hill says:

next time use something to cover the ground when you spray paint

ob1coyote says:

Google “Harbor Freight” and buy a cheap hole saw kit… or, change the title to “The hardest way possible to make a mason jar light”.

beemobile98 says:

I usually like your DIYs but not this one… This was really badly made, old enviroment unfriendly lightbulb was used, spray painting in nature… :/

Mathias Bamm says:

wonderfull, why dont you spray the colour just directly on the plants?

TheCajunHomesteader says:

Next time you are cutting holes in thin metal, find a friendly Electrician or a Electrical Contractor that will loan you their Knockout Kit. These are cutters used to cut holes in metal electrical  breaker boxes. they should have a size close to what you want.  It may distort the metal slightly, just lay the lids flat and tap with a small hammer.

Krista Dixon says:

Cool idea!

peterjoy931 says:

A good way to increase your channel views is to do them toppless.

Zend says:

omg, i hv dirty mind. i cant focus x_x lol


salute girls! 1st video of mason jars lamp that I have seen that think of the heat holes

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