DIY Lightbox Ideas for Tracing

Here are some ideas on how to make your own lightbox at home!
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Charlie Symons says:

When using an iPad you should turn on guided access and remove the ability to touch the screen. general-settings-accessibility-guided access. You can make it so that when you triple click the home button it turns off and on. very useful for this kind of thing

Tommy wiseau Is my life says:

Thank you this saved me

the pokemon family says:

I have a tablet yay!!!!

Anime Fox says:

Tablet doesn’t work, I have tried. It senses your hand underneath, and changes the picture, or leaves the app. So rethink your video, or at least try it out.

abby artgamer says:

Thx!so much! This really helped me now I can easily do my flippbooks

RainbowRockCookie says:

I could use my laptop, but it’s touch screen so yeah. Put my paper on it and everything on the laptop gets messed up.

Maricela Garibay says:

You can also buy frames at the dollar store

Amna Siddiqui says:

You can also use little cardboard pieces to prop up the picture frame

pink milqq says:

“my boyfriend”

Maricela Garibay says:

Plus this video helped sooooooo much thx baylee

Legodog890 says:

So im have to print out the drawing i want to do cuase i cant trace cuase i cant see the damn linrs

DrawingWithSpice says:

I did the thing with the picture frame the glass shattered and I cut myself

Zachary Brumley says:

7:16 you could use bowls too prop it up

Ayano Aishi The Creepypasta and Yaoi fan/Artist says:

Oh, all I have is this school iPad with a crack on the screen.

nathania's world says:

i use fairy light

Anaya Jones says:

I have the Microsoft surface 3

Stingray Gamez says:

ok guys i was planning to buy one for almost 100 dollars but you can go to walmart and buy one of the crayola things for 20 dollars

Plus ULTRA!!! says:

I hope you find that in jungle

Talise Snyder says:

I’m going to try using a picture frame flat on the table with fairy lights underneath because they are so small and their cord is super thin so the picture frame won’t be wobbly/uneven.

Idiot Eve says:

I put my phone with flashlight on under a low glass table, like a small coffee table, and use it like that it works pretty well

Amna Siddiqui says:

You can put the tablet under the box

Izzy G says:

I always would use a box upside down with my phone flashlight underneath and still do sometimes because my light box is tiny.

Angie68 says:

Loved the video I never thought to use these as light boxes even the tablet, so cool thank you for sharing, new to your channel and loving it. Your channel inspires me to keep up art everyday. Have a wonderful weekend.

CloudiSkies YT says:

Or maybe not trace at all?

Luma mag Regenbögen says:

The lights for 25$ and the Picture frame for 15$ are axectly as expensive as a huion lightbox for 40$.Avaireble on Amazon, Free shipping, comes in 2 days. Why making it harder than it is?

Overused Name says:

I use an old tv, you can take out the lcd to acheive an extremeley bright backlight, good for photos too.

Romir Sucaldito says:

Cool ideas, i actually trace over a coffee table with a glass top, i just put lamps underneath

Jessey Vrolijk says:

this is a really bad video

Ambytata 83 says:

Try a one page challenge!

Rinka Artastic says:

u can also use craft mini xmas lights

3eyed ROBIN says:

A useful video, thanks for the ideas

h 0 e says:


Glitter 72 says:

I’m just kidding I didn’t mean what I said,it was a

Emma Philomena says:

This is cool!

Roxx Da'Foxx says:

OMG genius ty!!!

PIXEL says:

i did that for my drawing last night

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