– frameless mirror
– double sided adhesive pads
– 2 vanity light bars
– wire strippers
– 4 marrets
– tin snips
– frameless mirror mounting clips
– wall anchors
– Phillips screw driver
– hammer
– handful of screws
– pencil
– tape measure
– light duty extension cord X2
– daylight light bulbs

Step One- Apply double sided adhesive pads to the back of your mirror and stick it to your wall

Step Two- Measure in 3 inches on each corner and make a mark with a pencil

Step Three- Take a screw driver and a hammer and poke a hole threw the dry wall where you made your marks

Step Four- Take your wall anchors and screw them into the wall using a philips screw driver.

Step Five- Screw your frameless mirror mounting clips into the wall anchors ( make sure your mounting clips are the same size as your mirror thickness)

Step Six- Disassemble your vanity light bars so that you can work with just the back bracket.

Step Seven- Hold your bracket up beside your mirror making sure it’s even with the top of the mirror and mark two holes with a pencil.

Step Eight- Take your screw driver and hammer and make two holes where your pencil marks are. Then screw in some wall anchors using a philips screw driver.

Step Nine- Hold up your bracket and screw a screw into the wall anchor to mount your bracket to the wall, make sure all the wires are sticking out towards you. Repeat for other side

Step Ten- Take a household extension cord and cut off both ends so your only left with a wire, then take a pair of pliers and cut in between the two wires so you can pull them apart do this on both ends of the cord

Step Eleven- Using a sharpie or felt, mark on one of the wires, follow that wire down to the other end and mark with a sharpie again so you know that’s the same wire

Step Twelve- Strip the ends of your extension cord wires using a pair of wire strippers

Step Thirteen- Take the wire you marked with the black sharpie and the white wire on the light bracket and twist the exposed copper together in a clockwise direction.

Step Fourteen- Then twist clockwise a marret on top of those copper wires. Make sure no copper is showing , if you find your stripped wire is showing with the marret on cut your copper shorter and twist the marret back on.

Step Fifteen- Take your wire with no sharpie mark and do the same thing as the step before but this time it will be with the black wire from the light.

Step Sixteen- Take a pair of tin snips and notch out a hole on the light cover so the extension cord wire can leave the light fixture

Step Seventeen- Put the cover on

Step Eighteen- Take your other extension cord and cut off the female end , but keep the male ( plug in ) end so you can plug it into the wall later


Step Nineteen- Identify the bigger prong on the plug, that is your neutral prong so the wire that’s on that side of the plug is the wire you want to mark with a sharpie

Step Twenty- Take pliers and cut in between the wires, pull apart, and mark that neutral wire with a sharpie

Step Twenty One- Take the other end of the extension cord already attached to one light and the end of the new extension cord we just identified and splice to the other fixture.

Step Twenty Two- Take the wires that are marked black and put with the white wire from the light, twist clockwise, then twist a marret on clockwise. Then take the remanding wires and twist with the black wire from the light, twist on a marret

Step Twenty Three- Notch out a hole on the light cover so that both wires can exit without being pinched

Step Twenty Four- Put the cover on

Step Twenty Five- Screw in some light bulbs, I recommend day light bulbs for the best lighting to do make up and pictures.

Step Twenty Six- Plug in !

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juels101 says:

Bam, good job 🙂 girl power 😉

Ashley Wager says:

WOW! it looks amazing. Excited to watch your next video

KiKi Carr says:

You are one handy dandy CHICK! This was AWESOME! I’m going to have enough space to do this in my home soon! Thanks so much for sharing this was great!

Mariam M says:

This is so cool. And it is amazing how handy she is with tool and cables. Actually, I am an engineer but I never liked the hardware, I work on software side so I am kinda envious of how cool she is with tools. Thumbs up!
Edit: I just went to her “About” page and she is a full time electrician plus a self taught makeup artist….OMG gal you are really cool! This skill combination is so unique, at least I have not seen it. High five

Isabella Couture says:

What size is your mirror?

Emilee Price says:

Where did you get those shelves from?

Misty Reyes says:

Where did you get the light bar at ?

Dayanara Reyes says:

where did u get ur desk with shelfs ?

Javier Ochoa says:

What size mirror?

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