DIY: Light Up Snow Flake Holiday Skirt

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Hey Sloabie Nation,
OMFG I am super hyper about this because guess what?!? My skirt is lit! Yasssss. I told ya’ll I am on an LED high. So, why not wear it in my skirt. I am debating on if I should wear this to the Star Wars opening or maybe something else? What do you guys think?

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Okay some things I left out in this video that would help you immensely!!!

Simple Skater Skirt:
Mesh Holiday Skirt:
Circle Skirt Measurements:

Poms Poms: or Walmart
Snowflakes: or Walmart
LED Lights:

Filming Stuff:
Camera Canon EOS 70D:
Lens Sigma 17-55mm f/2.8:
Diva Ring Light:
Box Lights:
I edit with Final Cut Pro

Sewing Stuff:
Gingher Scissors:
Fiskars Rotary Cutter:
Dahle Clear Cutting Matt:
White Gel Pen (I use it alone on dark fabric):
Allary Chalk Set:
Lance French Curve Ruler:
Design Ruler:
Singer 443 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine:
Brother 1034 D Serger:

F A C E B O O K:
I N S T A G R A M:
T W I T T E R:

Disclaimer: I was not paid to make this video and if I was, I am always super honest about everything. Life is easier being honest.


Venissa Timbreza says:

So I think I will just make the tulle part and over lay it on a pre made skirt … thoughts?

Allison Andrew says:

Lol at first I thought she was eating butter ha ha!

kate r says:

what the hell why is the only new video of yours thats come up in my subscription feed in weeks, just clicked on your channel videos and theres loads I havent even seen and didnt know you had posted.

Don't dream it - sew it! says:

This is genius! Big thumbs up for this DIY!!

Brina Truong says:

I feel like if the snow flakes were sewed on in a scattered way on the tulle it would look even better

Amblik Ba Bie says:

You change so much !! I don’t like that , your voice is different , ur videos are boring now I just said …. I love really so much when I was more happy more mmmmmm ur first videos whit gelato

luciang1001 says:

please film a makeup tutorial in this video that you wore!

xoxoMsMicahxoxo says:

My little love wants matching light up skirts now! I’ll share it once complete!

hallie pickle says:

you saying you’re a trekki just makes me love you more!!! so hard to find other female trekkies

BrandooCandoo says:


Dawn Vorndran says:

WHOVIAN here!!!!!!

MusiqChildx says:

This skirt is super cute!

DianaBB says:

I actually first discovered your videos watching a circle skirt tutorial years ago haha

Tam Nguyen Thanh says:

That’s such a real great idea for a lovely skirt! And also, you look so gorgeous, as always! Love you makeup ❤️

Crystal IslandGirl says:

thats really cool and interesting

Envy Peterson says:

this is such a cute idea!

Mika Chan Sailor says:

so damn cute, I liked right away!!

Jessie Says says:

I’m more Trekkie too!

Liltrix 0 says:

Super cool!

catherinedfong says:

But wait…do you just let the LED controller/battery just hang? Is that uncomfortable to wear then?

Victoria Chung says:

this turned out soo cute! I saw a version of this skirt made with fake flowers and lights too where the flowers are sold in at a gradient if it makes sense as well as on top. I like that this is much more simpler!

mantra4ia says:

Whovian to Whovian, how would you rank the Doctors in terms of your favorite(s)? No judgement.

Shay says:


Nou Vang says:

Oh so cute!!!!

FollowTheFreemans says:

That’s cool! I don’t know if I’d ever have anywhere to wear it, but I like it!

julyza VKY says:

it is so sweet seeing you being you :3 makes me smile a lot when I watch your videos haha

Mirmo! says:

ugh, my inner sewing nerd is alive again! lmao. This skirt is adorable and you’re adorable.

Lisa Sledg says:

You are the most creative human loll xox

Dora Gomer says:

kayelle you did an awsome amazing skirt i love it

Jillyciousification says:

I just want a ton of skirts now filled with seasonal decor 😀

Yessica Gutierrez says:

where the whovian diy’s!!!!

roxy do says:

that skirt is so cute ! I need to make one *0*

blahishness88 says:


Shannon Tara says:

Are you able to breathe through your nose? Not to be rude, but I know you had a rhinoplasty, and it just seems like you’re really congested? Just wondering if that’s a side effect.

christine rod says:

Cool kayelle!!

kaylove93 says:


scubachickim says:

Anyone else bothered by the bad audio on this video?

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