DIY Light Up Shoes | Make Thrift Buy #25

♪ SO… is it possible to make your own light up shoes? ♪
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ALSO if you’re actually thinking of making these yourself, PLEASE watch til the end AND read the tips below!

BONUS TIPS: If you’re shopping for shoes to use, bring the battery pack (or something about the same size) with you. Try the shoes on, then place the battery pack inside the shoe. Then you will be able to tell whether or not the shoes will work for this project! Not all shoes will work!
And if you want to use shoes with real bendy soles, just put the lights around the back of the shoe, because then the lights won’t get stressed around the point where your foot bends! [see here: for an example]

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Link to the lights that I bought:

p.s. the cat dress that I’m wearing is from episode #10! Throwback, wooo!

**** MUSIC ****
“Early Riser” and “Quirky Dog” by Kevin MacLeod

“Conglomerate” by Tarpey

“DEAD_LINE” by daPlaque

Microphone: Inbuilt Mic
Editing software: Final Cut Pro 10.2.1
Sewing Machine: Bernina Bernette Oxford 6 and Bernette 610D (overlocker)

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Sione Fiefia says:

thanks for the diy I did it and it worked so i tried it again

PunnyBunny says:


victoria rose says:

Those shoes are epic.

Karen Niz says:

you are mibets frien wow

Sasha Benjamin says:

good work.

Emilia Sarmiento says:

My sister bought us for $ 38 in skechers

Its me yukee Zico says:

I dont like your face at 0:32

Its me yukee Zico says:

You look pretty dumb while your dancing

Deloris Smith says:

she tought she was cute wiping that hair

Shmalimoo Ftw says:

the circumfrance of that shoe was 25.5 inches… my weist is 24.5 o-o im smaller than a shoe… im not even skinny 0_0

Stuck in a doughnut Girl with a channel says:

That is cool but the real ones are better

Fraismar Lombana says:

as me uno

Fnaf girl 101 says:

So cool

Shubham Maity says:

plz make a. diy on led shoe lacks

Halle Lazzeroni says:

Omg I want some !!!

michael jackson tv says:


Erick Mendoza says:

can u make me some white shoes

Stefani mercado flores says:

dale like si quieres unos

Pip boy Gaming 1924 says:

Lol u like Corrine vs pin

Dodo Shhab says:

no good shoes I’m sorry

Belu San says:

me servirá de musho por q soy pobre

Felicity Kirkham says:

I bough some led shoes for £19 and there amazing

The Daya Life Style says:

make a light up phone case please

Royal Boiz says:


Skylar Fireflame says:

im scared this will set my shoes on fire xD

Aastha Phuyal says:

She looks like a girl version of Lucas from preety little liars

bifwoli family says:

I found a pair for 35$

Adama Mustapha-Garba says:


veronica swoish says:

pointless… i bought the real led shoes on ebay. the price was one 50 cents difference lol. save yourself the time and get the real shoes. you can even get the shoes for 25

Nazar of TRUE NATION The Living Nazirite says:

so wack !!!

Michela says:

titolo in italiano video in inglese clickitalianbait

Emma Dilemma says:

2:15 dang I got those scissors

Grecia Camarillo says:

no se no me gusto

Ecophobia says:

Cri…this is the first time I see a Kidz Bop add in 2017…I’m shook..

switch games says:

#french me french

Heaven Hernandez says:

so cool can so use this idea;)

ezza genesis abril says:

???? Wat

LINA 001 says:

it’s beautuful

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