Let us know which DIY you want next!

Shoutout to Hayley for the DIY!

Thank you to the homies for dancing with us!

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Snow Warrior 679 says:

that good burger reference omg

Gaby CakesAJ says:

DIY LAVA LAMP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Charlize says:

When youtube so shit right now,and you dont have any idea anymore

Just A Girl says:

I bought some LED light shoes. They broke in 2 months 😀

ColdRain98 Co says:


Vagio Guzman says:

What shoe does JMO have?

Meow Meow Gaming says:

You guys make me smile and laugh every single day! Thank youuu❤️❤️

Viktorija Lazdovica says:

DIY Aquarium Cookies

Enrico Padilla says:

Make a fidget stick

kennyeh momoh says:

Sometimes I forget that you guys are dancers which just shows how versatile you can be

Aubreh says:

You should DIY Oobleck next

Cassie'sLife says:

Green sounds like donald trump.haha

rachelle mengwasser says:

Does anyone else think Dtrix should do a whole dance video with shoes like this? Because I’m totally down for it

Taamz Heart says:

I get lights that need smaller batteries. Cause it can get uncomfortable wearing shoes with a big battery pack.

Ceci Kahn says:

warning: flashing lights… do not watch if u have epilepsy or are sensitive to flashing lights

Sports Everything says:

I thought the background was green screen for a second, boy was I wrong

Peip692 says:

SONG: Fratelli Stellari – Galactic Sound

Kaarthik Raaj says:

can u guys do dance episodes

Taamz Heart says:

I live for these DIY’s

kepstuh says:

It wasn’t them dancing guys it was just there double 😉

Denise Sanchez says:

DIY black ice cream

Hundo.Dallah says:

“We need an accent” *starts raving

Darryl Lee says:

This is unwatchable

Charlize says:

Sickest DIY

Taamz Heart says:

Ive made these. I love it

Fridays with "FERMEL" says:

jmo are you a filipino if you are we are desame

ForkGaming says:

man this was so RANDOM GUYS!

Y-Thien Lam says:

Peace. Love. Unity. RESPECT. Not rave tsk tsk lol

iankobe says:


I died. Respect.

Little Creeper10 says:

Plz do more Vietnamese accents plz

Ana's Lifestyle says:

You should make Butter Slime

Viper Gamer279 says:

DIY Phonecase

Acie Belen says:

This episode is one of my favs

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