DIY Light-up Num Noms Popsicles – SO TASTY!!!

I made the yummiest summer sweet treat– light-up Num Noms Popsicles!! They tasted great and looked pretty neat, too! I’m sure you will be able to guess which was my favorite as soon as you see all of the flavor choices 🙂 Thanks for watching!

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Turab Ummul says:

Hi Alyssa your awesome!!

RTizzleProductions says:

Keep up the good work, Alyssa!

majical hodge says:

when i made popsicles it was sprite with gummybears in it and they were so good

Sophia Wiley says:

Can you please do more project MC 2 videos

Cool Bitch says:


Ava Bamberg says:

Will no I never made a Popsicle

The Tomasides family says:

Blue rasbarry

Jing Yu says:

Awesome vid! My daughter says you are so pretty and she wants to like Alyssa

Narwhal Ag says:

I once made crayons popsicles! They were
Cherry and delicious

Della Antari says:


TheDJMia says:

u shoud make a vid about giving food to the poor I have seen other videos and the look in their faces made me cry of happines :,`)

Dale Rand says:


Sharans Beautiful animals says:

I made cream soda popcicle

lindsay desiree says:

hi alyssa i love your videos and yummy popcicles

Super Sarah says:

This is so funny I am eating a popsicle mango flavoured. and watching this video

Indri Laura says:

im a big fans!!

PrincessDory85 says:

I love your shirt Alyssa! So cute. And I saw this toy at Toys r us and I thought of you. I am so glad you have it and made it on a video. Love you cutie.

Craig Turner says:

good job !!!!!!!

frozen swirl c says:

hi Alyssa do you receive my fan mail

kaylina love says:

My favorite ice cream flavour is cotton candy

Sabrina Cornejo says:

are you happy because you had your baby brother

Melinda Harvey says:

Stop your making m hungry

Reem Hoha says:

Alyssa I love your videos but I’m living in Saudi Arabia

Marie Magdalena Tan says:

Hatters back off like if you agree

Fun universe says:

I like pineapple and Owen is so cute

Gwen and geewil Lozano says:

hi alyssa

Macy Tippin says:

Sprite and Gummy bear popsicles

julia,court and ysha banono videos says:

cookies and creem

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