DIY Light Up Headboard! Affordable Room Decor

I hope you guys enjoyed this DIY Light Up Headboard!

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That Damn Honey says:

This is perfect for my room! I love mood lighting vs full lighting.

Brianna Steele says:

How do you get your pillows to sit up without the light up headboard?

Taylor Flanagan says:

Love Love Love the idea but impossible for me with my cat a.k.a. THE DESTROYER :p

Naomi BellaLove says:


Drew Surgenor says:

Is it just me that gets really excited when I see a pretty to decor thing that I can make ??

Sarah Michelle says:

I’d love to know where you got your comforter set from! 🙂

SakuraEtsu2007 says:

Why would you say that you don’t recommend someone putting up their own curtain rod? It’s not rocket science. And using an electric drill is no big deal. The purpose of DIY stuff is to actually do it yourself.

Also, unless those curtains are fire retardant, I wouldn’t recommend hanging them in front of those lights. There could be an electrical short, and all it takes is one spark to start a fire. And those curtains and bedding would go up in flames very fast.

VenayCute says:

would it be too bright at night?

Adriana Leis says:

Fabulous! Thank you

allowkaylah says:

Hey there I am going to redo my room and I will be using this diy lightup headboard but for your bed was your mattress on the floor or was it lying on rails??? Please respond back soon!

oz punk says:

doing t his in my bedroom and prob my lounge room windows, love it, need brighten up the place

justin writes says:

what song did you use in the video

Sravanthi Amarlapudi says:


Kanomi M says:

this is freaking cute!

VlogEZ says:

Lit!!! Can we do it with LED strips?

Tina Kirkpatrick says:

odd question but is it safe?

andrée marie says:

Just what I was looking for!

Martha Kanellopoulou says:

I’m thinking of doing this in my uni room, how many meters were the string lights?

sarang 1004 says:

Awesome.. Really love it,,but before trying this I wanted to know if in daytime the head bord look bad because of all those wires..plz let me know.

Wheelsnoheels - All Things Hair says:

perfect just what i was looking for, xx

joy9sage says:

This is beautiful and VERY affordable. Thank you so much for this.

mani anjel says:

awsome, I’m gng to do this in my room

Elly 1265 says:

I’m doing this in me and my sis’s room thanks for the idea

Maggie Mizell says:

OMG I love it soooo much, that’s a definite do!
Great idea!

S Murphy says:

Looks like fun! If I ever do this with white curtains I will get white curtain rods. I think it would blend better.

Nicolette Garlon says:

wow! great idea. I can’t wait to try this.

prettypoet38 says:

I’m going to use this idea with LED light as a background for my DYI headboard. Thanks for the idea it’s beautiful!

Trndsttr Mix says:

whats the back ground song ?

DEEs NUTs deeval says:

love this idea!

justalittlebrunette says:

This looks so great!! I actually made it and it’s now my headboard for my bed in my room!! I just uploaded a room tour for anyone that would like to check it out ❤️

Polariod Hipster says:

Love it!!

Jessica Hickey says:

OMGSH THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I was trying to find a way to hang lights like this and was wondering if those icicle lights you hang on your roof that fall off a few inches could go down to the ground but this is such a better way!!!!

247webgirl says:

Wish this could be done in a dorm room. But at my school you can’t drill holes in the wall and have to only use tension rods :/

jerzeyzgirl03 says:

Love this idea!! Thanks for sharing

LPSMistyCat says:

I’m making this this summer 😀 I’m so excited, this is an amazing idea ❤️

supriya parekh says:

What is that curtain fabric type??

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