Some our favourite diys are one’s we’ve figured out from the ground up! This light up cinema box is something we’ve always wanted and so we figured out exactly how to do it! DIY your own light box quote sign by following this tutorial!

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Matheus Nunes Guedes says:

becky with the good hair?

Zoe Pearce says:

You guys are absolutely amazing. I’m so impressed.

Bruh_its _katie says:

I like it but it looks like lots of work

Kim Willis says:

I like this DIY. I think I’m hoping to do it without the lines and use a dry erase marker to write and change messages.

daisy vasquez says:

if i were to make one, the quoe that i will put there will be “make the most out of your mistakes”

Jackie Lee says:

What if the light bulb dies?

manan patel says:

it’s awesome thank you so much

Zeenia Shah says:

what is the song at the beginning??

puglifeaj says:

You know you can easily get light up boxes on Amazon

Millie Turrell says:

Or just buy one from a store? I got mine for £6 from a shop round the corner. All the items used to make a DIY one would cost more, so there’s no point. Still a cool project though. Well done girls! X

Hey_its_Meeka X says:

What if you need to change the light bulb?

Abigail Morra says:

Or you can buy the whole thing at Michaels craft store for $50 and no work! (YOU CAN ALSO USE COPONS)

Sara Chiara says:

what is the name of the strips on the edges of the frame? I’m Italian and I do not understand
the language very well

Lily Ann says:

Love it! I have to try it!!

TheMariovision says:

This is great!

Adelina Wiggins says:

I would put im number one so why try harder

Ngoc Nguyen says:

This is so creative!! I love it.

Victoria Marie says:

WHAT DID I JUST HERE. TORONTO!? WTH. im so out of the loooop.

hejketty says:

LOVE this tutorial.
but how do you swap the lightbold?….

Brazuka Dance Festival says:

Just adorable !!! And very good pick with the sound trek !
Shears from Moscow !

Lirio Ramirez says:

where can I find the measurements for the bigger light box?

Ramdom Stuff! says:

I whould do dont push people down make them stronger

Rachel Hostetter says:

Are they sisters or friends????

0FanMusic says:

Cool better then Hema.

Judi Christopher says:

OH My Gosh… This is Perfect for my Acting Studio… (Why didn’t I think of this…?) … Thank you for sharing this… 😉

Narcissa However says:

i was considering buying one on UO but it’s pricey for its size. now i juts have to move my lazy ass and diy it 🙂 thanks girls!

eli hauser says:

Diy kitchen table made out of a door?

Adna Memisevic says:

has anyone else noticed that Becky is just the side kick

SayCharley says:

I would mess this up 100%

The DIY Guru says:

I don’t have an Ikea…. can I find the light cord at Walmart?

SwaggieBelieber says:


zoz says:

Much easier n cheaper to buy it from store

Sumi Vora says:

If you guys think that this is really hard (like me) check out Katherine Elizabeth’s video. I’m not advertising or anything just a friendly tip 🙂

i like pizza says:

can’t you just use a shadow box

Francine Florendo says:

Are they friends or sisters?

Jylynn Watson says:

Created By The Creator Himself

Cupaholic Milo says:

Is there a way to make the light box battery operated/ replace the cord light with a battery operated light?

Wired Birdy xP says:


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