DIY Light Raincoat | Made from Scratch

Last week I made a summer dress, this week I’m teaching you how to make your own light-weight raincoat/jacket! My videos are as bipolar as the weather here in California lol. I never know how to dress when it rains, so I designed something I can just throw over my clothes and instantly look cute. Hope you enjoy!

TIME: 1 DAY (12 hours)

4 Yards Fabric of choice
–Waterproof if its a raincoat
–More or less fabric depending on size
28 Inch zipper
1 yard black lining

Pattern Making book (where I use the circle skirt chart)
My Umbrella:

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Bonnie Cheung says:

This is such a cute silhouette!! I want to buy it

Lamont Royster says:

Cute down

Cecilie Brochs says:

This is so cool! I usually rains a lot where I live, so maybe I should try this out.

Justme247 says:

Cute design.

utoobr10 says:

Beyond cute!!

Erin Steele says:

Eric does such a good job at the videography!

Itsalicia says:

where did you get that pink sweater april? its gorgeous :3

Mariana Garcia-Cortez says:

Love the raincoat. Spool cute

Solite says:

Omg I feel like this is a coincidence because at my place (in California too) it’s currently raining and will constantly rain for 1 more week.

isa bel says:

Podrías subtitular los tutoriales please?

Grammy Vulture says:

Very pretty. Great job.

Sharon Soo says:


Esmeralda Gonzalez says:

Came here from insta just now. I am not disappointed! It is wayyy too cute April! I love it ❤

Sarah Wong says:

It’s so cute!

Gao Ster says:

Music and outro pictures lately in your vids have been so on point! Love it.

Nikki D says:

(Me watching this knowing my town gets 1 day of rain a year) I’m so gonna make this cause I really need it

Lamont Royster says:

Very nice

Bailey Gibson says:

So cute!!!!

Mallerlyn says:

it came out so pretty

Lynn Hosinski says:

have you ever used Oilcloth it comes in many different colors and is very durable kinda expensive about 12 to 15 a yard

Janice Vaughn says:

Love this raincoat! So simple yet so elegant!!! Thanks!

Elizabeth R says:

You are so talented!

Martyn Design says:

You did an awesome job. The workmanship is amazing.

Ar Mance says:

It looks like the one worn by Jane Russell in Gentlemen prefer blondes!

Cerdd_Wen says:

You could tack a trash can liner and make something cool from it lol! I love this!

Lu Ann Hodgson says:

I LOVE the style you choose along with the pattern. You have come a heck of a long way and You’re only going to get better! Keep up the awesome work Coolirpa!

Jesika Moore says:

I think you should really go on Project Runway

hand made with love by tracey and justin says:

Very brave to attempt that fabric lol ive been sewing for over 35 years and that would intimidate me lolol well done very cute result

Annette Crabtree says:

You are very talented. I’m new to your channel and wish my children were young again(they’re in late 40 now)I’d be making your ideas for them.

1VampieNight says:

Super cute!!!!!!!

Gabby says:

What songs did you use?

Accesorios Marsa says:


Juliana Valentina says:


Lex Skauen says:

Very cute, but where are the pockets?! 😀

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