DIY Light, Basement Bath

Ana and Jacob wear all the hats as they close in on finishing the house! Also, A DIY first for Ana……


dejanira2 says:

The light fixture is very nice. However the best thing you showed was the beautiful snow covered mountains.

twominutetips says:

FAB-U-LOUS. Great job on the light fixture Ana. Congrats to Gracie for her win – well done. Looking forward to next week already.

Carole Warner says:

Wow, the tile looks fantastic, as do the vanity and light fixture! Can’t wait to see the bathroom once the mirror is up, the towels are hung, and things are on the wall that warm things up in there. You must be SOOOO excited! Way to go GRACE!!! What a great kid she is. Such a helper and obviously a real winner on the ice. Congratulations team!

Noeraldin Kabam says:

Dear Ana, I wish you’d put your hair up when you work with a drill or other powertool. I trust that you are skilled but my stomach turns when i think of some lady that thinks “Let me go making some diy like I saw Ana do” and ends up injured or worse.
I really love what you do and struggled with the question if I should mention this but every time I see you work like this…
At least mention the risks, please!

Making SawDust says:

10pts for Jacob LOL

Douglas Elliot says:

You should connect the metal fittings to earth in a bathroom.

Sue Schultz says:

Congratulations to Grace’s team for winning the championship. This was an awesome video

Ifk 1899 says:

He never smiles. Never.

surferdude50 says:

Ana.. You don’t own a Router, do you. LOL!! ]80)

Carol McKenzie says:

Go Grace and the Delta Huskies!!!

Jason Bailey says:

I love when you show the Alaska wilderness around you. Which is kind of silly since I only live less than 300 miles south of you by road. Haven’t been through Delta Junction in 16 years. Maybe I’ll have to at 50 miles to my next Fairbanks trip and take long route there.

Brian Curwick says:

What a family!!!
You guys have it so together!

Tommy Boy says:

Cages!!! lol

Deric Kettel says:

Hahahahahaha Jacob says. do that again, and Ana you totally missed it! You guys crack me up! He smiles to the camera.

Ashley Black says:

I look forward to Monday’s for your videos! Beautiful family and house. And Ana I love your hair and style #hairgoals.

Helen Cannan says:

Congradulations Grace. Congratulations mum and dad too there is always lots of support for kids to succeed

Tina Gallagher says:

I LUV how you do so much by yourselves instead of hiring contractors. CONGRATULATIONS on the Championship!

K. Cashman says:

Cool, cool stuff. Question: do you have insulated garage doors? I assume you do; just curious b/c I’m sure it’s very, very cold now up in AK!

Kayinfso Here says:

What a terrific series and family…you all rock.

Rosa Sendros says:

Congratulations for your victory. Kids are amazing. It’s the illusion of the little things, little projects and the whole family working together. Grace is a great help and joy for you. Kisses from Seville

The Forever Homestead says:

Hey guys, we have been watching your build since day one. We started our Timber frame home this year and hope to be just as happy as you two by the end….. With the house and each other. Great videos.

Lindsay Hill says:

I spent several hours this weekend trying to figure out how to make this exact thing myself but with copper pipe for my kitchen. You just saved me sooooo much stress. Thank you!!!

M A Neuschwander says:

Good to see Jacob smile – and see you guys less formal with each other! Great choice on floor tiles for the basement bedroom and bathroom. Love Love LOVE the view from you Picture Windows – what Mountain Range is that? It is so beautiful!

The Wood Yogi says:

Great stuff 🙂 That looks superb 🙂 ॐ

L Kell says:

Congratulations Grace!!! You have a beautiful family. I love watching your video every Monday, just seeing everything progressing for all of you. It also gives me a chance to see my Absolute Favorite Place in the U.S. that I miss so much!!! Alaska is by far the most breathtakingly beautiful places where pictures don’t do it justice. Loved seeing the moose, oh and the sausage they made last week looked great! Have you ever thought of making it to sell? I’d buy in a heartbeat, Reindeer is a fav!!!

Hannah Harrison says:

Ana! The banter between you and Jacob on this video was out of this world. I was laughing start to finish. I look forward to next week!

kgs2127 says:

Go Team Yay!!!

Larry Be says:

Your little shack is almost a home complete What ever will you do with your time……………? Lovely in all aspects of creation.

Easy Furniture says:

This wall lamp looks great!

Ben Marko says:

I would have just used a router instead of a circular saw. Faster –

John McNail says:

Would you mind sharing the tile info you purchased from HD? I’m interested in locating the same tile.

Juana Marin says:

Ana i folow and you husband in your home is masing god bless you family and son you new baby i like you hose where i can buy you book mery christmas and happy new year old.

shoelessmalek88 says:

Your daughter is Amazing. She’s the so helpful, pretty, beautiful young so strong for someone so young. May you’re whole family be blessed.

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