DIY Light Bar!

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DIY Black Pro-mist:

Today we make a new DIY light!

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Danish says:

Ryan you are amazing guy don’t doing well, I couldn’t find that soft white bulb is there any alternate?

victorlinaje says:



hey hi i daily watch your video to learn something new… its awsumm
please can u show us a video on multi split screen effects in after effects

ReadytoChop says:

Made a light bar! This video was very helpful, even got the swivel mount! If you wanna see the results (amateur) check out the video “Dakota Tries: Cleveland.” Thanks for the help!

Javae Munroe says:

I use a canon c300 and even with my gain and iso down i still manage to get a lot a noise which i really annoying. Your videos are so near perfect even with low lighting, can you assist me pleaseeeeeee, what am I doing wrong? 

Grady Tyson says:

I love how you can make anything for a fraction of the price of a real product if you do it DIY… Welldone boys

Jheat fcjHeat says:

At 2:47 the extenders… is that the actual name of those pieces because I can’t find them? Thanks Great Work!!!

Kars Noordhuis says:

or go even cheaper and get a piece of scrap wood (or new, doesnt matter). attach 3 fittings to it and wire them up.

Victor Tan says:

Hey Ry guy, do you use light meters regularly, if at all?

Quentarius Moore says:

A review on video cameras that are on the market would be a godsend.such as Your faves and those for a beginner on a budget “fingers crossed” lol

Roraigh Price says:

what about 2 rows of 5 in stead of a single row of 8. 
also you could always add something in front of the light to defuse it and get rid of the extra shadows

Amey Karhade says:

hey ry guy! inspired from you i to made a sketch so if time have a look at it….
this is my first sketch and not a good camera quality but as your fav. line WRITE,SHOOT,EDIT,REPEAT….
so point out where i am wrong and write it in the comment thanks man! your the best…..

Gary Smith says:

hey film riot! LOVE the show! Wanted to know if you had any suggestions for a field monitor for a dslr in the $100 to $200 dollar range? Thank you!

manoj7krishnan says:

You guys are awesome thanks a lot! 😀

Grinern says:

Hi kind friends of Film Riot me and my 2 Buddies have started a film company and we are acutually progressing very well soon we are about to release our first Short Film [Rails] if you wish to read more about the project or donate PLEASE visit and if you’ve got questions email is at the link 🙂 Thank you

GhostGamer says:

Wouldn’t adding a scrim in front of the light bar fix the shadowing issue?

JRBstudioS1 says:

great episode!!! really enjoyed!!! 

fadecomic says:

Dollar Tree always has extension cords. For, well, a dollar.

Spire Films says:

I can’t actually find any of them light bars, I want to make one but can’t find one on the Internet for the UK :/

Bence Simon says:

awesome guys

Elad215 says:

Great video!

btw, for stranded wire you should use butt connector or screw terminal

Manu SulTubo says:

+Film Riot hi ryan, i wanted to know the set up of the camera that you used in the example clip of the diy light bar, also how the reflector was positioned to acheve that contrasty image. THANKS!

Rohan Biswa says:

do u guys have 4k camera

Daniel Resendez says:

this guy is so annoying yet so helpful. FML

mrbrakelol says:

What strength black pro mist are you using?

Torsten Borg says:

If i would wanna build 4 of these to use on a live stage, how would i connect these to a DMX controller so i could control these lights from the DMX table? Not thinking about changing any colors, i would just want the ability to turn the lights on and off and make some simple patterns. Hope someone would have an answer to this question! 

Button Buds says:

Can someone explain what that bounce card was? I can’t fin it, what the heck is that I need that for a flickering fire! says:

Great tips as usual.

Parker Clegg says:

Use this with Philips Hue…

Zamazingo says:

You are illuminating green ness…you look like toxic waste lol


Hey could you link me to which light fixture you bought? There’s a lot of bars I’ve found on Amazon but reviews are mixed.

AnaKesh says:

Love this light!! 🙂

Danish Farooq says:

Good job

Daniel Andersson says:

Some brilliant stuff here man! Funny to watch aswell! (y)

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